Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%206In the just updated How-To #2: Getting Equipped with the Hardware & Software You Need for Mobile Media Ministry I mention the Nokia N8 as the absolutely best video recording capable phone on the market today.  It is fitting that today I find that a major film starring twice Academy Award nominated actress Gena Rowlands was just been produced using a combination of the Nokia N8 and a special 35 mm lens adapter (not to mention the usual assortment of mounting, sound and lighting gear). 


To learn more check out this article at TechCrunch, the film's website and enjoy the making of and first five minutes videos below.


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Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%209I've put a few hours into consolidating some of my learning as well as changes in technology in the last year and have updated the How-To #2: Getting Equipped with the Hardware & Software You Need for Mobile Media Ministry article which was first published in August, 2010.  Updates mainly focus on new software and hardware picks.  These are from my experience and reading- let the rest of us know what works for you too! 

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Mobile%20Pic %20EAsia%203I'm in the process of putting together a database of resources related to mobile video.  After watching this, I had to go ahead and push this particular resource out to you right away as I know many of you have questions that he's giving the answers to.  I also know that this guy is one of the top video experts in general (he's literally written the book on a lot of aspects of video) and, as you will find out, he has one of the longer histories of producing video for mobile as well as working with others help them get mobile video going.  Be aware that, as he gets to the 40 minute + mark, his presentation focuses on smartphones and iPads and the compression specs he shares are too high for most phones that you will find in the majority world.


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Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%2031. Tell us something about yourself!

Antoine RJ Wright; Founder and Primary Voice behind Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM for short). In terms of family, it’s just me but I've got some amazing God children that really keep my mind and heart piqued towards life outside of tech. Since you mentioned favorite cartoon - that's hard! I watched and loved them all. A few that I really enjoyed, Pole Position, Thundercats, Tranzor-Z, and the Smurfs.

2. How and why did you become involved with mobile ministry?

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