Creep1Mashable featured an interview with Melinda Gates (of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) earlier this week entitled Tech's Responsibility to the Developing World.

The word she gave that those seeking to glorify the Lord using mobile ministry among the unreached of the developing world need to hear is this:
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Mobile%20Pic %20EAsia%203Back in June of last year we shared 2300 video production resources that could help anyone from the newest of beginners to most advanced filmmaker and those shooting with anything from the feature phone in their pocket on up to a $65,000 cinema camera.  In the last nine months
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Guest Post by Steve Baughman (originally posted at The Lausanne Global Conversation)

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In April, 2012, I sat across the table from a colleague I’ll call Rosemarie, who works in one of the most remote areas of one of the most limited-access countries of Eurasia. We had the following conversation:

“Rosemarie, did you see the great presentation by John, one of our colleagues who lives in the largest city of his country?”

John has used local proverbs, music, and art to create over 20 short downloadable “clips” that have become the ring tones and favorite video clips of his community.  They appreciate

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Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%201Do you wish you could do something big for Jesus but feel like you don't have the resources that you need to make it happen? 

Perhaps your constraints are actually your biggest help and opportunity.  Perhaps those constraints may actually
help you develop something even better than you could have if you had all the money in the world!

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