Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%201Not having come into Mobile Advance from a media background I've had to do a lot of learning on-the-fly.  In the process I've gathered a database of about 2300 resources that cover most everything there is to know on the subject of video production. 

As a forewarning, most of these resources come from secular websites and there is some moderately objectionable content in some of the resources (for instance, FilmRiot has an excellent video on how to produce video using an iPhone but the content they make and showcase with the iPhone is a somewhat disturbing horror film). 

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Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%201This is an update from the DigiTELL project which is happening in Turkey.  This is an exciting project that is pushing out to some of the outer limits of where any outreach has gone with mobile ministry.  Lots of good lessons learned to chew on here but please also use it as food for prayer and bring DigiTell and the people of Turkey before our gracious God!
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v1.0 (4/14/2012)


1.  Get the video!

If you don’t already have a video on-hand or in mind check out How-To #7: Obtaining Video for Mobile Ministry or, if you're the creative type, go make your own video following some of the pointers in various of the other How-To's in this series.


2.  Get the software you need to work with the video!

If you need a video editing program or video format conversion program head back to How-To #2: Getting Equipped with the Hardware & Software You Need for Mobile Ministry and get one of the video  editing programs listed in #2 and/or one of the format conversion programs listed in #3. 


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Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%204If you've ever wondered what difference mobile media can make in world missions check out the following video.  Pay particular attention from 50 seconds to two minutes and be astounded by how a simple video about twist top storage bags spread from seven phones to nearly 120 across 50 villages in the course of just one month! 
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