Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%203This has been an insane couple of weeks reviewing almost all postings from March 1st until now at the top 250 mobile-related websites identified through Mobile Advance's previous research.  Add on reviewing all Twitter postings using the #mobmin mobile ministry hashtag, Textually updates and ADL Mobile Learning Newsletters over the same period of time and the end result is an additional 2100+ resources on top of the 3400 resources previously catalogued in the mobile ministry database.  In the coming weeks these resources will be further tagged and analyzed to:


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(Guest post by a WEC International worker in Asia)

Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%209My wife and I both needed phones upon getting here.  After  testing out a few in the stores, we decided to get two similar, yet different models- the Nokia X2-02 and the Samsung Hero E3213. Both cost the same- approximately 64 USD.

I thought I'd send on our observations upon using both phones, especially since one of them is the update of the XpressMusic. :-)  (recommended in How To #1- Choosing a Phone)

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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%203Due to the combination of restrictions in a limited-access Muslim country but widespread access to mobile phones, an outreach team began to develop short-format, contextualized episodes of the biblical narrative.  John, an American missionary, found Youssef, an Arab colleague from a like minded organization, who was fluent in both English and the local dialect.  Youssef also saw the same need that John did that there was huge potential to reach the masses by getting good quality content in mobile phones.  Together, John and Youseff formed a partnership and named it Stories of Life Productions.  They begin writing and producing “God’s Love Story” with the intention of producing Bible stories in webisode format that would be used specifically in mobile phones to reach and disciple the masses. 


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Jesus%20on%20cell%20phoneBreaking up the JESUS film into segments and formatting it so we could share it on our phones with the people we were working amongst overseas was one of the initial steps that started us down the road to the launch of Mobile Advance (see The Little Phone That Could and Heartbreak and Hope).  Within the first year of Mobile Advance’s launch, we helped in the opening of mobile ministries in a total of 11 countries.  We did all this with the media available to us which consisted of media in only four languages at that time (due to copyright restrictions, etc.).  In fact, in seven of the 11 countries we were simply using materials in the same language we had used in our original setting!


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