Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%203A quick note- most people probably only need to read the first two sections (What Has Happened; What it Means for Mobile Ministry Among the Unreached). If you're really interested, though, I've provided a bit further analysis of why the change happened and likely winners and losers resulting from that change after those first two sections.

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Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%205Some of the best articles and webpages I've found related to mobile ministry in the past week (note that there have been some gigantic developments in the Operating System/Ecosystem sphere of mobile in the last week and, rather than putting up an article or two here, I hope to be able to provide some more detailed information and analysis on the Nokia/Microsoft deal, the emergence of WebOS 2.0, and the potential for Apple deploying a lower cost iOS iPhone in the near future):


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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%203In the Internet Retailer Top 500: 2010 Mobile Adaptation Audit the Acquity Group, "the world’s leading multi-channel commerce and digital marketing company", seeks to identify which companies are leading the pack with "best of its class" mobile initiatives.  While it is interesting to learn how Amazon and Fandango, among others, are leading the way I was more interested in a follow-up article written by Tom Nawara, Acquity's VP of Digital Strategy and Design.  In that article, posted at the mSearch Groove website, Mr. Nawara lays out three essential "best practices" that are key to success in any mobile initiative.  I would like to share what he wrote below:

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Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%204My pick of the top articles and web pages I've come across in the past week:

1) Are you tapping in? The 5 Key Networks and Why They Matter in Every Rural Community Across Africa

"Orality" is one of the key issues facing missions today with the majority of unreached peoples either being illiterate or “functionally illiterate”, where their preferred learning style is something other than print/reading/writing. The following two entries look at the issue with the first considering the intersection of mobile uptake and illiteracy while the second addresses the place orality needs to play in our outreach strategies:


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