Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%201It is with great pleasure that I present The Little Phone that Could, an article I co-authored for the International Journal of Frontier Missiology, translated into French for all you Francophones and Francophiles out there.  Many thanks to Paul and Wycliffe Bible Translators for making this happen.

Le petit téléphone susceptible de révolutionner le ministère  

Par Keith Williams et Leith Gray 


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Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%201In the past six months I’ve posted materials from and links to approximately 400 webpages. After databasing the webpages I’ve narrowed down the websites that have provided the greatest amount of useful and actionable materials for Mobile Ministry and want to share them with you here.

Although they didn’t show up in the database there were three other resources that have greatly helped me in finding useful web materials. The first is the Textually website which provides links to gobs of the best mobile materials out there with about 3-5 new links a day. The second is the collection of about 200 mobile experts I follow via my @mobile_advance Twitter account.  The final resource is the #mobmin hashtag that allows you to search Twitter to see what is being posted there that directly relates to mobile ministry (you will notice I end most of my Tweets with #mobmin).

Below you will find a “top ten” listing of websites that Mobile Advance has published materials from in order of greatest amount of contributions to least:


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