Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%2031)  With feature phones like Nokia’s Asha range now capable of serving up apps like Angry Birds, tweeting away on Twitter and updating Facebook pages as well as connecting to the internet with a decent browser via WiFi there’s no need to spend hundreds more to get all the mobile ministry performance challenges inherent in a smartphone (read on)!
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JESUS%20FilmAre you looking for video clips for mobile ministry? If so, you have several options for obtaining useful videos:

1) Check out whatever outreach videos you or your ministry acquaintances already have available on VCDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, computer files, etc. Don't worry about segmenting (breaking longer videos into smaller clips suitable for mobiles) or formatting issues, we’ll address those issues in upcoming how-to's. Tools to help you digitize VHS tapes, etc. are listed in How-To #2.

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