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ME cross-platform month: The five key tools

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The Art Of Launching An App: A Case Study


Design & Innovation

Philippe Kahn: The Future of Mobile is Motion

Flexible Touchscreen Could Prompt Sleeker, Curvier Tablets, Smartphones


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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%205Do the people you are seeking to reach drive Porsches sports cars or Lexus SUVs?  Is it Hyundai compacts?  Perhaps they don't actually drive but rather walk, bike or have to take public transport?

Why do I ask?  I ask because I think that all of too often we're trying to push Porsche type mobile ministries onto people who can only afford/access public transport system mobile ministries.  An iPhone app is less than useless to someone living in the developing world who can only afford public transport  and carries a talk/text only dumbphone.  Better by far that the money and time that went into developing that iPhone app had been spent on a more appropriate technology! 

How does this breakdown look if you work in the developing world and wonder what technologies would be appropriate for your people:

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