Mobile%20Pic %20Phone%20StoresWhat if you could call friends and family near and far with no charges?  What if you could know for certain that your phone network was not inherently bugged by the government (you'd be quite happy if you were living in Egypt)?  What if the government decided to take the phone system down (not that something like that would ever happen) but you could put your own service back up in its place?  What if your development agency could be equipped to respond to disasters and provide limited phone network coverage for the stricken area?

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Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%2010The web is a wonderful thing- at least where you can get online (not always possible in a some of the places we're reaching out to).  One of the things I discovered online within the last couple weeks is the great SocialBakers website which gives a detailed breakdown of Facebook penetration rates country by country.  I had previously discovered other sites giving mobile subscription and internet usage statistics and, having just gotten ahold of the Operation World DVD with all of its detailed statistics on Christian population per country, I thought that I would put together a chart of the least reached countries (those with less than 10% Christian population) showing what the penetration rates for these various digital media were to help outreaches compare and contrast which avenues provided the greatest potential (see below).

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Mobile%20Pic %20EAsia%201My pick of the top mobile articles from the web in the last week

The power of the mobile whether in an individual’s personal life, a corporation’s IT life or in the quest to bring development to the emerging world is highlighted in the first three posts this weeks:

1) The Intimacy of the Cell Phone (thanks for the pointer Brad)

2) Mobile in the Enterprise Changes Everything

3) Not Just Talk: Clever services on cheap mobile phones make a powerful combination—especially in poor countries

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Thousands of article headlines perused.  Hundreds of articles briefly scanned.  A hundred plus saved and poured over more intently.  Twenty articles shortlisted.  Ten article of particular relevance and import to mobile ministry to share with you here:

Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%2091)  If we are going to ensure that the Gospel gets to the unreached we need to get our head around the idea that you have to go where the unreached are and, in the realm of mobile ministry, this means A) Making sure our outreach can reach them using the capabilities their phones have and B) Making sure that it reaches them in a way they can afford and access!  In education they talk about "No Child Left Behind".  In mobile ministry we need to think about "No mobile left behind"!  Hats off to Distant Shores Media for their visual presentation of Worldwide Mobile Phone Capabilities in 2010 and analysis of those capabilities as related to mobile ministry. 

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