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Mobile Ministry Web Links

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MobileMinistry Focused Webpages/sites

#mobmin Twitter Feed
Find out what others involved with mobile ministry are reading and writing by using this site which follows posts marked with the mobile ministry Twitter hashtag- #mobmin

ChurchMag- Mobile
Exploring how the Church, ministries and non-profits use technology to effectively fulfill their mission to the world.  Mobile is one of the five key sub-categories of the site.

Cyber Missions
"Promoting the intentional use of computers and the internet as tools in achieving the Great Commission"

     Mobile Ministry Search Engine
     Indexed to search a database of over 1200+
websites known to provide useful resources for mobile ministry 

Mobile Ministry Training Course
     A six week introduction to the use of mobile technology platforms for Christian ministry 

Greater Calling Ministries
"We provide non-profit organizations with audio conferencing services and text messaging services to allow for greater communication and greater fundraising. You can register on our site for our FREE audio-conferencing service, start an application for a text giving campaign or launch a FREE trial of our unlimited text messaging service."

Christian run mobile marketing company specializing in church texting and apps

Kiosk Evangelism
Offering an innovative means of getting ministry media into the mobiles and hands of the unreached

     Kiosk Evangelism YouTube Channel 

Mobile Booklet
Christian run service that allows you to create "ebooks" for mobile phone viewing

Mobile Evangelism Wiki
Web links for resources on various forms of mobile phone outreach  

Mobile Ministry Forum
The Mobile Ministry Forum is a network of ministry organizations that are working together to use mobile technology for the advance of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Mobile Ministry Magazine
Asking questions and giving answers in the hope that, for those 4 billion+ persons who own a mobile device, the Body can be accessible and relevant while also sparking innovation in mobile ministry 

     Bible Apps
     A great one-stop location to find Bible apps for your phone/language
     (some translations may be missing for the GoBible feature phone app-
     there is no comprehensive central listing that I am aware of)

     Case Studies/Research
     Lots of helps to get you started/keep you moving forward in mobile ministry

     A mobile friendly one-stop-shop for resources related to mobile ministry

     A nice list of organizations and services that could help you in implementing mobile ministry

Olive Tree Bible Software

Developing cutting edge mobile software to study God's timeless Word anywhere in the world

OneHundredFold is a group of specialists in software development, web design, database engineering, networking and telecommunications who believe that mobile technology has a transformative role to play in making the gospel of Christ accessible to every individual on Earth.

A mobile phone publishing system for Christian organizations.  PhonePublish takes your publication (e.g. leaflet, guide, course manual, Bible, etc. - and soon audiovisual clips too) and converts it into a software app that people can download to their phones and use offline, and optional mobile website.  Supports the oldest and least powerful phones, as well as modern smartphones.

If your church, school or non-profit needs a mobile website or app, we can help

The Visual Story Network’s Mobile Ministry Group Forum
A discussion forum where those interested/involved in mobile ministry can trade ideas and experiences in mobile ministry


General Digital/Media Ministry Websites
Anthony Coppedge
Blogging on Technology and Church

Brian Barela- Catalyze Change
"passionate about helping non-profits innovate and realize their mission by using social media as a catalyst" "

Campus Crusade for Christ- Global Technology Office
"Our mission is to help Operations teams build capacity so that everyone in the world can know someone who truly follows Jesus."

Christian Media 2.0
Helping leaders and Christian organizations harness the power of communication technology for kingdom service

Church Tech Today
ChurchTechToday was born out of the need to find a place to discuss how technology can truly impact the Church in positive ways, whether it be reducing administration with a church office, allowing para church organizations to connect with their members online, or simply to share the Gospel message through non-traditional channels.

Distant Shores Media
"We are creating legally unrestricted discipleship resources that equip believers everywhere in the world, in any language, to grow as disciples of Christ.  We are making the resources available on the internet, on mobile devices and in print as well as multimedia formats."

eQuipping for eMinistry
eQuipping for eMinistry is a place for any Campus Crusade for Christ staff to find and share easily-understood, transferable resources and best practices to assist them in their ministry through the use of technology.

Faith Comes By Hearing
A source of audio recordings of the Bible (often dramatized versions) in various languages as well as various media players that can be used to get the Bible into the hands of the unreached. I am uncertain as to whether the recordings require use of their media players or if they can be played on mobile phones and normal MP3 type players.  They also have a Bible app App Blog
     Blogsite for the widely used Bible app

Global Recordings
Storehouse of gospel MP3 files in many languages free for download
     Global Recording Network's site for finding, playing and downloading audio content on mobile devices

Global Short Film Network
Using short films as springboards to conversations about Christ

Greater Europe Mission electronic Discipleship Outreach Tools (eDOT)
eDOT’s mission is to develop and use reproducible technology to disciple all peoples of Europe so that rapidly reproducing churches will become a reality         

     The eDOT Geek Dail
     Excellent daily rundown on most all things digital/media ministry

Indigitech is a database of resources and information to prepare and equip you for cross cultural ministry

Internet Evangelism Day
A website sharing what God is doing on the web, what outreach strategies work on the web, and ways the web can be used for outreach

     Digital Evangelism Issues
     Blog with lots of material about the latest and greatest and how-to’s of mobile media and internet ministry

     Digital Evangelism Resources
     Daily updated listing of top new articles related in some way to digital evangelism.

     GUIDE Network Portal
     A user-group that allows you to join others in learning more about and deepening involvement in mobile and internet outreach
     Mobile Outreach Webpage
     A good introduction to the rationale behind and possibilities of mobile phone outreach

Web Evangelism Bulletin
      Monthly listing of the most important reads related to digital outreach

JESUS Film Media
Jesus Film Media, the digital expression of The JESUS Film Project, is an extension of the overall vision to reach everyone, everywhere by equipping people to use our tools and resources in new ways! Finding just the right resource or tool has never been easier. We are excited to share the entire JESUS Film Project library, stories of use, and strategy ideas with you online and on your smart phone. was started in 1996 and is a multi-site Church based in Oklahoma City with a passion for telling people about Jesus.

     Swerve Blog 
     A leadership, technology, and innovation blog for pastors and church leaders   

     YouVersion Bible App


     YouVersion Blogsite
     The blog site for the most widely used Bible app

The Long View
Justin Long on the unevangelized, mobilizing missionaries, "swarms" (read and learn) and other mission issues

MediaOutreach is a collaboration of thoughts from many of the staff from faithHighway.   The goal of faithHighway is to equip local churches and ministries with powerful, top-notch tools that they can use to reach their community in affordable and cost effective ways.

Mind Soul Story
Taken from the website- “My hope for this blog is that it is a place where I can encourage conversation about visual storytelling, especially film, especially as it relates to conversations about faith”

Ministry in the DIgital Age
The blog of Dave Bourgeois, professor of Information Systems at Biola University.  At this blog Dave shares his passion and insights into digital ministry with a bent towards social and mobile being the future of digital outreach
"Here we discuss news and trends in communications technology and how that impacts Christian individuals and organizations. Our goal is to help Christian individuals and organizations make better use of communications technology in their churches, schools, ministries, businesses, and personal lives""" """"

Scripture Engagement
On this site you'll find news, events and resources for those encouraging Scripture use and Bible engagement around the world.

Trinet Solutions
"As the nation‘s top ministry web firm, we‘ve worked with ministries across the nation including Billy Graham, Samaritan‘s Purse, the Harvest Church and Focus on the Family. From church web design to webcasting, Trinet can handle all of your ministry‘s online needs.  Trinet also works with nonprofit organizations across the nation, providing results-based web solutions for everything from online fundraising to email marketing. Salvation Army, Red Cross, the YMCA and Feed the Children are among the many nonprofits who have entrusted Trinet with their online success."

Visual Story Network
A coalition of missional and creative Christians working together to fuel a global movement of visual story for the Kingdom of God.

World Bibles
Resource for finding the Bible in audio or text form