SMS Texting Ministry Web Links

v1.2 (rev. April 10, 2013)

SMS Text Messaging Outreach Introductory/General Materials

ChangeMakers’ SMS Quick Start Guide (PDF document)

SMS Based Services Overview

Communications for change:How to use text messaging as an effective behavior change campaigning tool

Tips on writing Effective Text Messages (from a marketing perspective)

Mobiles in a Box’s list of common challenges in running mobile outreaches

Financial Aspects of SMS Text Messaging Outreach

Mobiles in a Box’s guide to costs of running mobile outreaches

Guide to choosing an SMS Service Provider

Pinger- an unlimited free texting app for iPhones (likely only functions for texting within the US)

SMS Broadcast Hubs

Introduction to SMS Hubs

How to set up an SMS campaign system

Tutorial on creating your own broadcast hub app using Google’s App Inventor for Android


Introduction to Frontline SMS (PDF document)

Video introduction to FrontlineSMS (see this video too)

Official FrontlineSMS Step-by-Step Guide to starting out with Frontline SMS

FrontlineSMS Website’s Three Part Video Guide to Installing and Using FrontlineSMS (see this 4 minute video too)

SMS Text Message Marketing

New York Times Small Business Guide to Text Message Marketing

MobiThinking's Insider’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Using SMS

Mobile Marketer’s case studies showing how SMS is being used to gain market following. Will help you think more creatively about how to use SMS in your ministry.

Mobile Marketer article SMS is Key to a Well-Rounded App Strategy

International Mass SMS Text Messaging Service Providers

Boomerang SMS (possibly utilizing their Boommail service as described in this Mobile Marketing Magazine article)

Bulk SMS (a guide to using their service is found at Mobiles in a Box)


A list of international “SMS Gateway Providers” with extra information about their services (use scrollbars on side and bottom of window inside the webpage)