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Is it time to start factoring data into cost of app ownership? (If data costs can make that much of a difference to rich Americans how much more they matter to the impoverished unreached of the developing world!!!) 

How Can I Make My Blog or Site into a Mobile App (Without Programming Knowledge)?

Publishers Forsaking Apps in Favor of HTML5 for Mobile Content

Designing Mobile Applications for Multiple Form Factors

Microsoft Releases Android to Windows Phone Porting Tool



appMobi supercharges HTML5 game development



Data Sprawl: How The Web's Rapid Expansion Will Transform The Global South (linked paper on Digital Publishing in the Developing World is EXCELLENT, highly recommended)

How-To: Optimize Marketing Copy for Mobile

Why Buy a Smartphone? (Most helpful when read with the additional context of Antoine Wright’s (of Mobile Ministry Magazine) comments below the main article sharing reasons to buy a “feature phone” rather than a smartphone)

The 6 “Ps” of a Successful Mobile Technology Strategy (Part 3- Policies, Part 4- Provisioning)

How China’s Cellphone Pirates are Toppling Governments in India and the Middle East (all kinds of good stuff on mobile use in the developing world in general)

mobiThinking guide to mobile awards: the winners from the major awards with videos and case studies

With 500M subscribers, HSPA growth quickly soars (on growth of 3G '3rd Generation' high speed connectivity enabled mobile phones and networks)   


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Mobile Technologies for Social Transformation: A concept paper

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund mobile services to aid farmers in developing countries

More Africans Learn by Mobile Phone

mLearning Road Map

How Mobile Phones are Saving Lives in the Developing World

mHealth: New Horizons for Health Through Mobile Technologies (World Health Organization report, 112 pgs)

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

A Human Rights Approach to the Mobile Internet


Mobile Ministry

CyberMissions Video Presentations on Mobile Ministry (2 x 5 min)

Analyzing Mobile After It Is Applied

Should I Have An App?

Digital Bibles Break Out of the West

Jesus on an iPad


Mobile Web

Mobile Web Speed Bumps (presentation slides and audio recording)
13 essential programming tools for the mobile Web

Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Responsive Design

An Event Apart: The Responsive Designer’s Workflow

Where are the Mobile First Responsive Web Designs?

Is HTML5 the Future of Smartphone Apps? A Conversation About Web Technologies (Video, 47 min)

CSS3 and HTML5 Toolbox Starter

Operating Systems/Handset Makers

Why Samsung is About to Become the Smartphone King (remember, though, Nokia is still far and away the overall mobile phone king as smartphones are only about 20% of the total phones produced and sold)

IDC thinks WP7 will soar to No. 2 by 2015. Really?

Nokia Still Dominant in Africa, Accounts for 81 Percent of Mobile Ad Impressions


QR Codes & Near Field Communications

Mobile Barcode Best Practices



A Guide to Mobile Security Risk Assessment

The Bug in Your Pocket: Remote Listening Applications for Mobile Phones

Beware of Malicious QR Codes



Did Apple Create an SMS Killer? The Short Answer is No

The Consequence of Apple Taking On the Humble Text Message

SMS is doomed: Google working on Android iMessage, BBM competitor

Nokia Takes on BBM and Apple’s iMessage with Its Own Free IM Platform

Social Media

How Social Media Can Jumpstart Your Mobile Strategy

The Case for Facebook Zero and Similar Applications



Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2010–2015 (Read executive summary)

Kids Today: How the Class of 2011 Engages with Media


Video/Multimedia/Augmented Reality

Mobile Media Use up 600% as Unlimited Data Plans Tune Out

HTML5 Encoding Secrets

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