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The Dirty Little Secret About Mobile Apps

How to Decide Whether Your Business Needs an App (Infographic)

10 Ways to Botch a Mobile App

The ascendance of App Inventor: David Wolber on why Google App Inventor isn't just for novices

Why a JavaScript hater thinks everyone needs to learn JavaScript in the next year



Design & Innovation

Humanitarian Innovation and the United Nations (hat tip to Mobile Ministry Magazine for the heads up)

Wanna Create a Great Product? Fail Early, Fail Fast, Fail Often



The Power of Mobile

Special Report: The Future of Mobile (Highlights, Interviews)

How the Smart Phone is Killing the PC

HTML5 and What it Means for the Mobile Industry

6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5

Google Breadcrumb

New Video Resource: Creating Mobile Only Campaigns


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

A Basic Mobile Apps Arsenal for Activists

Quick and Simple mLearning Content for the iPhone

Medic Mobile Announces The First Mobile SIM App For Healthcare

Online Course- Mobiles for International Development: New Platforms for Public Health, Finance and Education


Mobile Ministry

Hear Now My Words

Further Discussing the Sketchnote/Mindmap

Tapping Social Media for Maximum Ministry


Mobile Web

3 Tips for Better Mobile SEO

ScientiaMobile Launched: WURFL has Graduated

The state of speed and the quirks of mobile optimization


Operating Systems/Handset Makers

Apple’s WWDC presentation happened this last week and here’s some of the coverage:

   NY Times’ David Pogue: Sorting Through Apple’s Many Announcements
   Engadget:  Apple’s iOS5- All The Details
   ReadWriteWeb: iOS5’s New Features Explained: The New Features and Implications of Apple’s Latest Mobile OS
TheNextWeb (TNW):  WWDC 2011: Everything You Need to Know in One Handy List

And, for Nokia, compare and contrast the following two articles:
   5 Things Nokia Will Do to Succeed with Windows Phone

   The Patient Heart Has Stopped. Now the Doctor 'helps' by starting to strangle the patient too (Stephen Elop incompetence)

QR Codes & Near Field Communications

How to Make QR Codes That Can Be Scanned by a Mobile Phone

NFC is More Than Just Mobile Money



What Should I Do With My Phone Before I Sell It?



SMS Will Dominate Mobile Messaging for Years to Come

India’s SMS Gupshup Wants to Be the World’s Biggest Mobile Social Network

Apple Has Finally Stuck a Dagger into SMS. I Love It

5 Words: Solving Procrastination with Group SMS (you could do this with any learning opportunity!)

Ban on SMS pushing J&K users towards internet enabled mobiles: Report (J&K = Jammu & Kashmir states in India)

In Tanzania Media, Speak Up and Be Heard

Social Media

Opera: Social Media a Hit Among Mobile Surfing Countries


Video/Multimedia/Augmented Reality

Review: How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck (with included video overview/tips)

Checking in On HTML5 Video

YouTube Unveils Creative Commons Licensing Option 

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