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Atoms, Not Apps, Will Power the Next-Gen Phones

Why It’s a Good Time to be Developing Mobile Apps in Africa

Android Market Getting A Major Refresh Better Discovery, A Redesign, And 99 New Countries

Building Mobile Web Apps the Right Way: Tips and Techniques

How Well Does Phone Gap Scale

Realistic UI Design (slides, article)         

Switching to Windows Mobile Development & Why You Should Too


Design & Innovation

IDEO's Diego Rodriguez on Innovation in the Real World



Optimizing the Mobile Media Matrix

Finding Your Mobile Niche         

What makes Asia Pacific the most exciting mobile market in the world- Interview with Rohit Dadwal

33 Essential Resources for Developers and Designers

Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web (video (68 min) of presentation given last week at Web Directions Unplugged conference)

Native is Easy Mobile Web is Freaking Hard (closing presentation given at Web Directions Unplugged)

Why Google Choosing Arduino Matters

The Secret is to Bang the Rocks Together: Arduino is a Building Block for the World to Come


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Mobile Learning: Look Before You Leap

Mobile Learning: Anywhere, Anytime

The Slow Motion Digital Campus

Mobile Tactics for Participants in Peaceful Assemblies

Random Hacks of Partial Kindness (Me- Something to keep in mind for people trying to develop ministry from afar)


Mobile Ministry

Bible Apps Quickly Becoming Technology Tool for Great Commission Work Worldwide

Mobile Phone Apps for Open Bible Stories

The Casualty of Symbian Bible Apps

Mobile Ministry is More Than Devices (Part 1)


Mobile Web

Mobile First (video, 58 min)

Amazon Web Service Case Study: Praekelt Foundation

Mobile Web Speedbumps

Learning Web Design- 82 Resources to Get You Started


Operating Systems/Handset Makers

Analyzing the World's 10 Biggest Handset Makers in Q1 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich- The Future of Android

Pyramid Research Are Unprofessional and Incompetent- Do Not Buy Any of Their Work in Mobile! This After Their Mindless Windows Phone 7 Forecast to 2015


QR Codes & Near Field Communications

Before You Bake That QR Code, Ask Me Whether I Use Them-- Like @KingArthurFlour Did
NFC - your phone as your car key, credit card, airline ticket, identity and so much more...



Mobile Security Risks A Primer for Activists, Journalists and Rights Defenders

Introducing SaferMobile Mobile Security for Rights Defenders, Activists, and Journalists
Is the Data on My Android’s Memory Card Safe If It’s Lost or Stolen?

DOD Faces Concerns Over Encryption, Security with Smart-Phone Devices


Voxeo to Launch SMSified, Will Charge 1 Cent Per Text

Social Media
Facebook's Mobile Website More Popular Than Its Apps


APAC becomes world’s largest smartphone region; Bada beats Windows Phone

49% of Indians Only Access Web Through Mobile

Indian Mobile Industry Stats


Video/Multimedia/Augmented Reality

Animation Without Borders Mobile Cartoons as a Teaching Tool (a more in-depth look than the article posted in a previous Weekly Web Watch)

7 Superb Films Shot with Cell Phones

Tomorrow's Tech Demoed with Free Pizza and Beer

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