Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%202This last weekend the Mobilism Conference, "the first conference that focuses exclusively on web design and development for mobile devices", took place in Amsterdam.  From everything I've seen the speakers were absolutely top notch and their presentations phenomenal.  The conference fee was approximately $800 and travel and lodging would have run at least another $1600 so my personal attendance was never even considered. 

The wonderful thing is that all that money was well saved as most of the talks are now posted at Slideshare and the like and the wonderful LukeW has posted his EXTENSIVE notes from each presentation at his site.  I've included the two listed together here for all of you who are looking to learn more on the subject and get your outreach's best foot forward on the mobile web (presentations are not listed in any particular order):

Beyond the Mobile Web (slides, notes)

The Future of the Mobile Web (slides, notes)

Mobilism 2011: How to Put the Mobile in Mobile Web (slides, notes)

Mobile & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm (slides, notes)

jQuery Mobile Framework: Building Tools For a Changing Web (presentation, notes)

Muddling Through the Mobile Web (slides, notes)

After HTML5 (slides, notes)

Meta Layout: A Closer Look at Media Queries (video, slides, notes)

High Performance Mobile (slides, notes)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mobile Development (slides)

Devices, Designs and Enabling Behaviors (slides, notes)

Mobile Browser Panel  (video (68 min), notes)

More videos are meant to be posted at

If this only whetted your appetite you can do a search for #mobilism on Twitter to find more!           

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