Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%204Welcome to the last Weekly Web Watch for awhile.  I've enjoyed putting together this wrap-up of the best and brightest of what's come out in the previous week related to mobile ministry but, between the dozens of websites, hundreds of articles, and thousands of Twitter posts I've been tracking to do it, the time I'm investing in it has gotten too great considering what else needs to be done in moving mobile ministry forward.  I hope these currated selections of web content have been of assistance to those who have been following them.  I plan to provide a listing of the top sites that I have pulled materials from so that you can know the sources which I found most fruitful.  It is possible that I may re-establish the Weekly Web Watch at a later point but this is it for at least the next two months.


Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Taking down the Apple and Google smartphone duopoly

SXSW: Examining the Mobile App Landscape with GetJar's Patrick Mork

New business models for apps: beyond the 70/30 revenue share

Going Mobile- Lessons Learned

Developing Better PhoneGap Apps

Building Rich Mobile Apps with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript


Mobile Social Games- The Next Frontier


Drupal Now Accessible Via Any Phone

How to Design Smartphones for Emerging Markets

Listen up! The Nokia X1-00 is here

Mobile for Good (Health, Development, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Lessons from mHealth Projects: The Tech is the Easy Part

Turn Your Cellphone Into a High-Powered Scientific Microscope

Mobile Phones for Education in the Developing World: SMS as a User Interface

Mobile Ministry

Why Mobile Technologies Will Force Churches to Change

Dial M for Ministry: Smart Phones for Smart Ministry 

3 Tech Tools to Help Avoid Being a Mediocre Christian

Mobile Web

Four reasons why the mobile Web is key to everything

Operating Systems

Preview Bloodbath 2: Electric Boogaloo - the smartphone wars in year 2011, will be bloodier still (Terrible title but don't miss Tomi's estimates for smartphone operating system worldwide market shares by the end of 2011:  Google Android- 35-45%;  Apple iOS- 15-18%;  RIM/Blackberry- 13-17%;  Samsung BADA- 7-9% (aimed at low end smartphones);  Microsoft Phone 7- 3-5%;  HP WebOS- 1-2% (but this was before the announcement below))  

HP To Put WebOS On Every PC It Ships In 2012

Two Years is Like 10 Smartphone Years



Researchers Show Off Method For Disabling Phones Via SMS


Only 71% of Mobile Subscriptions Active in India

Digital Africa

African Mobile Market Poised for Growth

Mobile Phone Communication in the margins of Africa: Continuity and change of communication patterns and society



Gaming Going Mobile (thought it might be cool if some outreach teams put together something like this- seems to certainly draw a crowd!  The game is secondary to the media playing backpack rig- if you want to learn more about how you could make a splash like this check out a couple other entries on how he put this rig together- Mobile Gaming Rig (MGR) DIY project for the #AngryBirdsDay build up! and Mobile Gaming Rig (MGR) Bringing the Power)                           

The Secure Smart Camera App for Human Rights Video (might help in safely spreading believers' testimonies)

Frequently Asked Questions About Video

Digital Storytelling (links to lots of great resources)

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