Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%206Mobile use worldwide is skyrocketing.  Companies are putting more money than ever into mobile marketing.  Mobile use in development work is taking big steps forward.  mBanking is taking off worldwide, moving from the emerging world to the developed world.  Unfortunately, though, the Church's use of mobile is lagging well behind the rest of the world's. 

Last week Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, shared some insight on Google's strategic initiatives for 2011 in a Harvard Business Review article entitled Preparing for the Big Mobile Revolution.  In that article he said the following:

As I think about Google's strategic initiatives in 2011, I realize they're all about mobile... we want to increase the availability of inexpensive smartphones in the poorest parts of the world. We envision literally a billion people getting inexpensive, browser-based touchscreen phones over the next few years. Can you imagine how this will change their awareness of local and global information and their notion of education? And that will be just the start.

Two big wows here- 1) All of Google's strategic initiatives for 2011 are mobile related.  Not one or two out of a bunch- all of them.  2) A billion MORE people getting either highly advanced feature phones or low end smartphones within the next three years!  

Are there any mobile related strategic intiatives you or your ministry should set out to achieve in the coming year?  How can you initiate some movement in your ministry so that it can be there waiting with open mobile arms to receive those out of that next billion people that God has called you to minister the love and Good News of Jesus too?  Give it some thought and prayer and then give it some elbow grease!

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