Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%204My pick of the top mobile articles I've come across on the web in the last week

1)  Last week I introduced Erik Hersman, a missionary kid, as one of the top thinkers and practitioners in the use of mobile for social good in the developing world. This week I want to introduce Matthew Berg, another missionary kid, as another top thinker in the mobiles for development sphere. Matthew Berg was actually chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 World’s Most Influential People. In his most recent blog posting Matthew gives us some helpful advice on what to watch, and perhaps invest our efforts in, for the coming mobile year.

A pleasant discovery for me this week while researching who the top thinkers in mobile in general are was the Mobile Thinkers Website This wonderful gem of a website has been put together to “connect you with smart professionals that are putting the mobile medium to work in creative and effective ways.” Judging by her interviews to-date the blog’s author is doing a smashup job. Here’s a few of the posts I thought you might be blessed by:

2)  Mobile Films Growing with tons of great pointers on how to make mobile appropriate video!

3)  Creating Mobile Content with Robert Spier, the Director of Content Development at NPR Digital Media

4)  How to Build a Mobile Marketing Strategy (Part 1 and Part 2) with Michael Becker, North American Managing Director for the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and founder of the award-winning mobile marketing solutions provider, iLoop Mobile. Nice article that helped me in thinking through how mobile can/should be used in interacting with the people we’re seeking to connect with.

5)  Changing the World with Mobile, with Katrin Verclas, co-founder of MobileActive. Both this one and second part of #4 give some great questions to help you work out a mobile strategy.

6)  One of the Mobile Thinkers website interviews I didn’t include above was with Patricia Mechael, who is the Director of Strategic Application of Mobile Technology to Public Health and Development at The Earth Institute, Columbia University. Patricia was recently on a panel entitled “Lessons Learned Across the Globe” at the mHealth Summit 2010 and her top ten list of lessons learned in mHealth were written up in a blogpost entitled mHealth Summit 2010: Patricia Mechael’s Pearl’s of Wisdom. While I highly recommend the blog post you will get a whole lot more if you watch a video of the panel (Patricia’s comments- 17:38 to 24:46).

7)  Antoine Wright at Mobile Ministry Magazine continues to bang out some wonderful pieces on mobile ministry and An Additional Mobile Lens for 2011 is well worth your time but be forewarned you might want to have a hot drink and a little time for reflection when diving into this one.

The journalism industry as a whole, and the newspaper in painfully particular, has had to really struggle through the issues of the world going digital initially and mobile now. In the process they’ve been putting out some great thinking the missions world can learn a lot from as can be seen in the second and third entries

8)  In February of this year Clyde Bentley, a professor of journalism wrote The Road to 2013: A Timeline for Newspapers. In this article he gives the rationale for why newspapers need to go mobile by 2013 and then presents an insanely ambitious timeline of what they will need to do in order to accomplish that goal.  Last month the News Leadership 3.0 blog of the Knight Digital Media Center interviewed Clyde to see where he stood on the issue nearly a year later and produced Clyde Bentley Updates His Timeline for Newpapers Going Mobile.  What do you think of his strategy?  His timeline?  Is there anything your organization should take away from that timeline whether in timing or sequence of activities?

9)  Mobile Strategy Planning- Don’t Skip the Survey is another blog entry produced by the News Leadership 3.0 blog and it shares the process one web “outreach” (secular) went through as it sought to dive into the new mobile first world. Don’t miss the types of questions they asked and potentially surprising answers they found even here in the U.S. What can you take from their survey and implement to help ensure your foray into mobile outreach has the best chance for success?

10) My final choice is not actually one webpage but, rather hundreds. Nearly every week Advanced Distributed Learning puts out a newsletter which is a “report on news and findings of interest related to mobile learning in the military.” As mobile learning is of great interest to those of us who want to obey Jesus’ Great Commission by “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Mt. 28:18-19) you’ll find this a virtual goldmine and you can find all the newsletters archived at the ADL Mobile Learning Newsletter Archives

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