Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%201My pick of the top mobile articles I've come across on the web in the last week

1)  I like to start with the best first and Mobile Ministry Magazine's Mobile Ministry Case Studies/Research fills that category.  Lots of great papers and it could easily be a page to recommend to people for an introduction to the whole concept of mobile ministry and how to get started in it.

2)  Ever wondered who was doing what with the whole mobile ministry thing?  So did we.  While this list is surely not comprehensive and some of the ministries may not have a great deal going with mobile we still hope that you will find the Mobile Ministry Contact List a help and that the Lord will use it in creating collaboration and synergy for His Glory and the spread of His Kingdom

3)  One of the key messages I'd like people to hear is that ANY website that is meant to be used in outreach to the unreached needs to be made mobile friendly.  Doing that one step will go miles in helping you take advantage of the mobile revolution.  While, in general, I have a not so favorable of the time/effort required versus return on investment for apps I'm willing to concede that the Nokia AppWizard may be well worth trying as it gives you a new way to super easily make your website, in a limited way, mobile friendly.  If you check out their site it seems that they can take your website (at least websites with RSS built in) and make an "app" out of it in minutes.  The nice thing is that you can then get that app on the Nokia Ovi store which has nearly 200 million users and about 3.5 million downloads a day.  If you want to have an app and want to reach the developing world with it I can't think of a better and easier way to start.

4)  Bangladesh Nears 100% ‘Virtual’ Mobile Penetration is a nice article showing how the mobile phone access and use can far exceed the levels indicated by stats you might read.  Here are a couple of my favorite quotes: 

the benefits of improved communications are already being felt at all levels of society, not just amongst the elites. Whether it is in access to healthcare or education or in enabling the fishermen in the Sundarbans to get a better price for their Hilsha fish, the impact of mobile technology is all-pervasive.

Low cost handsets are the way that millions of Bangladeshis will gain their first experience of the internet, and as smartphones develop in features and fall in price, these will be the only internet access points that many people in emerging markets - as well as in the developed world - find that they need

5)  Although I highly recommend shelling out the $13.50 that it costs to get Tomi Ahonen's just released Mobile Phone Book 2010 which gives you the low down on what is really happening with mobile phone distribution and use around the world you can get a good taste of what's in it and see whether or not the whole book is for you by reading his most recent blog post Let’s Understand the Mobile Phone Market Installed Base and Smartphones vs. Dumbphones (warning- this is a lengthy blog post!)

6)  White African is a blog written by Erik Hersman, the director of operations for Ushahidi.  Erik grew up in Sudan and attended Rift Valley Academy in Kenya (missionary kid) and he feels more at home in Africa than anywhere else.  If anyone can teach us a trick or two about mobile ministry in Africa, and perhaps most of the developing world Erik, with his on the ground insight and tech credentials, is certainly the man. One of his blog postings that I got a lot out of is Tech Success in Africa is Built on the Ordinary.  Don't miss the take aways about Symbian and designing for the ordinary man rather than designing to reach the middle and upper classes (the middle class in Africa is not a large population like it is in the West)

7)  If you're designing your mobile ministry for the ordinary man than you have to think about SMS texting.  Receiving SMS Messages via Shortcodes & Keywords is a helpful introduction that guides you through one way to get moving with an SMS texting outreach.

Two of the mobile services that are least understood and most maligned as being "past their day"/dying are Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) Internet browsing on lower end mobiles without full internet capabilities.  I hope the following two articles help you to see that, far from dying, these two services have increasing importance and impact and we need to be seriously considering their use in our outreaches

8)  MMS Strikes Back

9)  Google Ads is recognizing the importance of WAP in the developing world as you can see in Support for WAP mobile search ad formats extended to more countries

10)  Finally, do you ever wonder what people at the bottom of the pyramid (economically) in the developing world want to do with their mobile phones?  An Indian telephone service operator, Tata Docomo, thinks it knows as you can see in Tata Docomo Launches Three Basic Services in the South of India.  Wow, accessing Hindu Gods in various regional languages and checking out their astrological predictions!  The unreached are seeking God on their mobiles people- will they meet Jesus there? 

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