Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%201My pick of the top mobile articles I've come across on the web in the last week

1)  Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile for free!!! Tomi Ahonen, of Communities Dominate Brands, is offering a free e-Book called The Insider’s Guide to Mobile.  Here’s the description provided: 

Comprehensive overview of the mobile telecoms and smartphones business opportunity, from end-users to service and apps, to handsets, to the business of mobile This free edition has 340 pages of original content, plus over 100 pages of excerpts and reviews of Mr Ahonen's previous books

You can download it here (8.9 MB PDF).


2)  Are you at a loss for how the mobile phone could be used creatively in your outreach. Check out the winners of the World Summit Mobile Awards 2010 and you may just come away with a world changing mobile ministry initiative.  The awards are for such categories as mLearning, mHealth, mGovernment, mBusiness, mMedia, etc. The award winners come from all over the world and both winners and runners-up in each category receive a brief summary write-up and very accessible minute-long video showing how their service works.


3)  Perhaps you’ve caught the Android bug and want a helpful guide to help you know what to do with your shiny new Google Android operating system mobile. This print-and-fold guide will help you get on your way to Android mastery.


4)  Google has just made things a lot easier if you've ever wanted to play around at developing an Android app- their App Inventor website is now a public beta so get over there and give it a try.


5)  If you’re still stuck on the iPhone and want to develop apps in iOS for the iPhone then you might want to check out Six Free iOS Developer Books Available in iBookstore.


6)  As exciting as apps may be my bet in the native apps versus mobile web war is still on the mobile web (websites that are optimized for mobile phone use). If you want to take an existing website and create a mobile version of it check out 8 Tools for Easily Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website.


7)  Just having a website that works on mobiles, though, of course isn’t enough. Having one that communicates well is essential.  How to Design a Website that Communicates Effectively Across the Globe will help you think through cross-cultural communications issues and design a site that keeps your ethnic audience’s attention and communicate effectively to them.


8)  You would have had to have been completely off the World Wide Web this past week not to have heard the commotion raised by the Wall Street Journal article Your Apps Are Watching You.  Find out how your favorite apps are accessing some of your most personal data which is stored on your phone, sending that data on to those who would like to profit from it.


9)  Another item that has gotten major press this last week is the release of the Word Lens app- a nifty new mashup of augmented reality and instant translation. If you’re interested in a little less hype then most of what was written as well as a good comparative review then check out Augmented Reality Translations: Word Lens vs. Google Goggles


10)  Nielsen has just released a report on mobile use by youth around the world that you can download here



11)  For all of you living in the Northern Hemisphere check out Cold Weather Tips For Your Mobile Phone: How to keep your smartphone working in frigid temperatures

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