Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%202My pick of the top ten mobile ministry related items found on the web in the past week

1)  Nothing like putting your money where your mouth is!!!  Mart Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby, wants foreign language Bible translations on peoples phones and he's going to be putting up millions of dollars to bring that vision into reality!!!  My favorite line from Mr. Green, “This is driven by the sense of urgency in several areas... What’s front and center for me right now would be mobile."  Read more in Businessman Helps Speed Up Bible Translation Process

2)  One of the common concerns related to digital outreach is the potential for the Gospel and Church to become, in a sense, dehumanized and left void of the real flesh on flesh relationships which make it authentic.  For those in the Body who are seeking to mesh their faith with the realities and opportunities of a new digital world may I recommend an excellent piece at Mobile Ministry Magazine called Technological Contemplatives

3)  Do you want to create the fullest, richest possible mobile interactions with the people you want to influence for Christ?  If so, consider getting your mobile out and checking out the mobile websites of the winners of the 2010 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards on your own mobile to experience what the best of the best in mobile user experience looks and feels like.

Tis the Season to Buy a Smart Phone, fa la la la la....  There are some good deals for purchasing a smart phone going on in the U.S. right now and you might want to check the opportunities out (remember you still have to sign on to a nasty expensive two year data plan though!!!)

4)  Radio Shack’s iPhone 4 Deal: $25 (Only for trade-up from iPhone 3G/3GS, and valid until December 11

5)  Best Buy Offering Free Smartphones Through December 31

6)  Google has released the newest version of its Android Operating System- version 2.3, aka "Gingerbread".  This article tells you everything you might want to know about it while you can find the user's guide here.

7)  Learning from experience doesn't always require you to be the one having the experience.  Take the case of the U.N./Mobile Advance international SMS based survey that they recently completed.  Mobile Advance's goals in conducting the survey included seeing "if, and how quickly, it is possible to implement a flash mobile poll, to determine existing technical capacities of partner organizations, to determine how people respond via SMS..."  They learned a lot in the process and a what they learned will help us if we take the time to read their findings in Notes from a Mobile, Bottom Up, Rapid, Multi-Country Perception Survey 

Bandwidth and the mobile experience is the theme of the next two items.  One potential hazard in developing good mobile outreach tools (websites, apps, etc.) is that we often develop these tools in a high bandwidth setting without recognizing that most of the unreached will access them in a low bandwidth context.

8)  This first article, Don't Forget the Bandwidth, helps you to consider the importance of bandwidth of your mobile website or apps user's "customer experience"

9)  The second article, Simulating low bandwidths: how to make sure your apps work in the field, gives you some pointers and tools to help you simulate how your website or app would work in a low-bandwidth situation which will allow you to appropriately modify them to provide a user experience they will want to keep coming back for more of.

10) I feel like a real apps hypocrite sometimes!  On the one side I tell everyone "tread carefully" when it comes to developing apps and then, on the other side I put up a link like this which gives you a spreadsheet of most of the major apps development packages available to you with pricing and other information that could help you actually go about getting an app developed.

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