Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%203My pick of the top ten mobile ministry related items found on the web in the past week

1)  If you're trying to figure out which mobile phone system (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia Symbian or other) you should plan your mobile ministry strategy around I highly recommend the following article- Mobile OS Usage Splits the World.  You'll see what OS is dominant in various parts of the world as well as get a list of the top ten countries for percentage use of each mobile operating system.

2)  As a follow-up to that, Opera Mobile has just come out with the latest edition of its State of the Mobile Web report.  One particularly interesting aspect of this month's report are findings from a survey it took of Internet and Mobile Lifestyle Choices for Gen Y mobile users around the world.  The rest of the report sticks to its more classic format, showing the top ten phones being used to access the web with the Opera internet browser for various countries around the world .  While this particular edition focuses on Central Asia it also includes results from many other areas of the world including Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, Vietnam, USA, Nigeria and Brazil.  

3)  If the previous two articles got you thinking about Nokia phones/the Symbian OS you might want to know a bit more about what lower-end phones Nokia is just now bringing to market for residents of the developing world.  Knowing those phones' capabilities and limitations can help ensure that your mobile strategy will effectively reach your intended audience in the coming years- Nokia Launches the C2-01 and the X2-01.  As a bonus, check out one of Samsung's latest lower end phone introductions- The Ch@t 322 

4)  And, if you're really thinking of going all out with the Symbian platform and think having the source code might help in doing that can I HIGHLY recommend that you jump over to the Symbian Developer website PRONTO as they will be shutting up shop and their resources will no longer be available after December 17-  Symbian Foundation Web Sites to Shut Down

5)  Do we fully understand that unreached peoples often have budgets that must focus on pennies rather than dollars or tens or hundreds of dollars?  Do we factor that in when planning out our mobile ministry strategies?  The following article helps you see this issue more clearly and shows how people in the developing have learned to save their valuable pennies and play the telephone companies- The Missed Call- The Decade's Zeitgeist?

6)  Why Mobile is Imperative for Brands in Asia is a compelling interview with Marco Gavin, the director of Procter & Gamble's (P&G) mobile marketing efforts in the Asia/Pacific region.  Marco shares how P&G got into mobile outreach in the region, ways they determine mobile strategies for different sectors, particular efforts that have proved most successful, hurdles that have been faced, and many other valuable insights. 

7)  Ever wonder if mobile can live up to all the hype surrounding it?  Without a whole lot practical ministry implementations at this point it is a question worth asking and something we need to be measuring in the coming months and years.  The same question is swirling around in the area of ICT4D- Information & Communications Technologies for Development.  Are all the magical results people talk about with the use the mobile for development really true.  The Boston Review is hosting a "forum" of experts on mobiles and development and you can check out their spirited interactions via ten papers praising or questioning's the mobile's impact at Can Technology End Poverty?

8)  Mobile ministry is a pretty new field of endeavor and there's no cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach that I or anyone else can recommend to you.  Mobile ministry needs to be approached with informed creativity and if you want help getting your thoughts formed together into creative ideas that can help you to build up a powerful mobile ministry check out Where Do Ideas Come From? by Seth Godin.

9)  Although I'm not a proponent of developing a mobile ministry which depends on your audience having access to 3G or 4G high speed mobile connections I could be persuaded to change my mind if the O3b ("Other 3 billion"- the three billion people who don't have access to good mobile connections) satellite constellation meets its first half 2013 launch target.  If you are interested to know more about the system, which aims to bring lower cost high speed connectivity to the emerging world, check out their website, brochure, or this article about their new 1.2 billion USD venture funding.

10)  Seeing links to articles about free text messaging services here may be getting old, but finding ways to text for free has become a bit of an obsession of mine and this article does a nice job of comparing The 8 Best Apps for Free Texting 

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