Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%203My pick of the top ten mobile ministry related items found on the web in the past week

1)  If you want to know more of how mobile is intersecting with the lives of those at the lower end of the economic spectrum in the developing world (read that- THE UNREACHED) check out Smartphones in the Developing World: Why Platform Fragmentation is Here to Stay.  Notice how innovative outreaches are using SMS to stream web content to people who have to be conscious of every penny made and paid!

2)  Any chance I get to stress the importance of SMS is a chance I'm going to take which is why Mashable's International Business Series article Why SMS Marketing Still Makes Sense for Small Business is my number two pick for the week 

The DevLearn 2010 eLearning conference was held three weeks ago and I've gathered together a few items of interest from it for those of us who would like to see the mobile used in sharing truth and training up followers of Jesus 

3)  If you are looking to stock your mobile toolkit here's a good place to start- 25 mLearningTools in 60 Minutes

4)  Tips Techniques and Tools for Mobile Learning (incredibly dense amount of information here- make sure to have a drink in hand and some time to spare before wading through this one) 

5)  Mobile Learning- 7 Interesting Patterns


Antoine Wright at Mobile Ministry Magazine has had a string of deeply insightful postings on mobile ministry this last week and I highly recommend the following three postings for your thoughtful consideration and deliberation

6)  What is Mobile Ministry

7)  Are Mobile Apps Really the Right Direction for Churches/Ministries

8)  Noticing Things with Bible Formats


This past week I was re-introduced to Lessons from Babel, the blog of Biola University professor Dave Bourgeois.  Dave teaches on internet outreach and his passion is "to see technology used by Christ-followers to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the world".  Although I can heartily recommend his entire blogsite these are two of the articles I found most helpful 

9)  Getting in Their Stream- although the post is somewhat internet-centric the philosophy behind the approach is very important.  We need to follow Jesus in seeking the unreached, in this case finding how they are interacting with each other and the wider world via technology and getting the gospel into those same interaction streams!

10) Mobile: The Right Place at the Right Time 

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