Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%203I am certainly as excited about mobile ministry as anyone out there, heck I changed jobs and moved my entire family thousands of miles in order to start up Mobile Advance.  At the same time, though, I am often reminded that my trust cannot be in horses or chariots (easy enough) nor can it be in mobiles or 3G phone networks (somewhat more difficult).  Our trust is in the Lord and He has given us strong and powerful weapons for His work and prayer certainly is one of the most important tools we are commanded to take up and use to see His kingdom come and His will be done.

I'm very excited by the publication of the 2010 edition of Operation World:  The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation.  This mammoth volume is 25% larger than its 2001 predecessor and it is amazing the amount of extremely current detail you can find in it about the advance God's Kingdom in all nations of the world.  The detail is there, though, not just to inform our brains but, rather, to inform our prayers.  If God's people bring before God the highly specific prayer requests for the unreached that are found in these pages I am sure that we will see amazing things happen in these next few years!!!  I highly recommend you get this book whether it just be as a reference or, preferably, as a handbook to use in praying in the harvest among the nations.  If you would like more information about Operation World click here.  If you would like to purchase a copy of Operation World click here (Operation World store- the most options) or here (

This past week our family has been blessed by taking part in a 60 prayer initiative that the Operation World team have initiated.  At night, while having our family devotional, we click on the e-mail we received earlier in the day and are transported by video to the country to be prayed for that day.  Last night it was China and, as we saw video sweeping across the vast length of China- from bustling cities to rice paddies and jagged mountain vistas, from grand communist party headquarters and army parades to humble a Chinese house church meetings; a Chinese believer in slightly broken English lead us in a four minute prayer for the country and God's people there.  I highly recommend this prayer initiative for any individual, family, or church.  If you would like to take part click here

P.S.  Here's the Operation World China prayer video my family watched last night

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