Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%207In communicating the gospel across cultures it seems to me that a well done audio or video presentation may be worth several thousand of our linguistically challenged words.This was certainly my experience in going from stumbling through trying to tell the gospel story with my nomad neighbors to being able to share it via dramatized, musically accompanied, poetry enhanced audio presentations of the gospel.Later, when sections of the same material were put into videos, I found people even more affected and held by what was being shared.

I will say that getting these materials into a form where I could always have them with me, ready to be shared wherever I found myself via my mobile phone, took some doing.I’ve tried to distill out lessons learned along the way in the new Getting Equipped with the Hardware & Software You Need for Mobile Media Ministry How-To Guide.In this document you’ll find tools you need to take existing outreach media and get them onto your mobile phone, ready to share with the people God has called you to.

Enjoy the possibilities provided by having a media outreach “Swiss army knife” always in your pocket with just the right gospel media tool ready and available to flip out whenever and wherever you need it!
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