Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%204Mary Meeker is Morgan Stanley's chief analyst for all things internet and is also known as the "Queen of the Net".  Every year Mary gives a "State of the Internet" report at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.  Every year Mary leaves the audience with a whole lot to consider and this year was no exception. 

Here are some key mobile ministry takeaways from her presentation:

1)  Smart phones will begin outselling PCs by 2012

2)  Smart phone sales show that the Android operating system is quickly gaining more and more of the total smart phone market.  Nokia's Symbian operating system phones continue to have the largest market share but it has lost a large percentage of its former dominance.  The iPhone and RIM Blackberry operating systems continue to hold steady at slightly under 20% of the total smart phone market each.

3)  Countries with both a Christian population less than 10%* as well as ranking in the top 30 for mobile internet penetration include:  Japan (#2), China (#12), Malaysia (#16), Saudi Arabia (#18), Turkey (#19), Israel (#25), Egypt (#27).  Christians in Indonesia comprise 16% of the population but Indonesia is also home to many unreached people groups and it ranks #8 in mobile internet penetration.     *Religion statistics from Operation World (Mandryk, 2010).

4)  In four years Japan's "Facebook", Mixi, saw mobile phone page views rocket from only 17% to 84% of total page views on its site!  In the developing world the mobile phone is the main device that the unreached can use to access the internet.  Even in the developing world, though, as seen in Japan, it may soon be that the mobile internet is the first internet you need to think about.

Fortunately for those of us who aren't able to attend Mary makes her slide deck available online so here are several of her slides that hold special relevance to mobile ministry:
meeker 1- globalitymeeker 3- mobilemeeker 5- smartphones outsell pcs by 2012meeker 4- mobile operating systems comparative market share 2006-2010meeker 2- top mobile internet marketsmeeker 8- mobile driving changemeeker 6- growth in mobile page viewing in japanmeeker 7- mobile revolutionizing commerce
Click here for a PDF file of the entire 53 slide deck

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