Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%201My pick of the top ten mobile ministry related items found on the web in the past week

1)  How can I not pass on a Newsweek article with a title like this- How the Cell Phone is Changing the World

2)  If you want to see what the latest and most forward thinking insights in digital outreach are check out The Future of Internet Ministry.  Make sure to download and view and re-view the PPT as well as listen to the podcast.  Don't miss the place given to mobile in this presentation!

3)  As wonderful as smartphones are there are many many reasons why we should still keep the "dumbphone" front and center when we consider mobile ministry among the unreached.  In that vein, check out Why The “Dumbphone” Market is Still Ripe for Innovation to see why "dumbphone" ministry is a place we need to be.

4)  SMS texting is far-and-away the mobile ministry platform with the greatest potential reach.  Potential difficulties in implementing it include developing a good contact list and handling the financial expense of text messaging.  New technologies may help in these areas and Facebook Messages and Kik Mobile Chat are two developments worth following.  Here's a comparison of the two- Battle for Your Texts: Facebook Messages vs Kik Mobile Chat

The theme of the next two articles is apps and why you really need to think long and hard before going down the road of developing an app, particularly a "native app" rather than a "web app" (I have written more about the subject here at Mobile Advance- Rethinking Our Apps-sumptions):

5)  Mobile Apps Are a Waste of Time for Associations

6)  The iPhone App is the Flash Homepage of 2010

7)  If you want to reach the unreached through the web having a mobile optimized website is key.  Optimize and Analyze for Mobile Part 1 is the first in a three part series at the Google Analytics website and it is intended to help webmasters better analyze mobile traffic on their websites and further refine them for peak "customer experience".

8)  Sooner or later when you look at mobile ministry you have to start thinking about information security issues.  Are You Giving Away the Keys to Your Mobile Kingdom? is a helpful look at ways you can reduce your risks when using an Android-based smart phone.  

The common theme for these last two articles is QR codes and the first gives a good overview of the subject while the second gives you an example of how you can easily and cheaply try out the concept: 

9)  Everything You Might Want to Know About QR Codes

10) The QR Code Experiment at the Harvard Campus

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