Mobile%20Pic %20Phones%201Pretty cool when Consumer Reports and I come to the same conclusion (and I beat them to it by five months)!

When I moved back to the U.S. this past summer I wanted to have two phones that I could use to test mobile ministry outreach upon. My idea was to have a low-end phone that was similar to most of what I knew people in the third world carried as well as a higher end smart phone upon which I could test out new technologies that might trickle down among the unreached within the next 5-10 years. I felt pretty sure that the Google Android operating system was the way of the future (latest figures show it has gone from 4% of the global smart phone market to 26% in 12 months) and I really wanted a phone that had a screen that did better in direct sunlight than the Nokia 5800 I had been using overseas.

With that in mind, the Samsung Galaxy S model really stuck out in the crowd with a hyper-brilliant screen and fast processor. Sometimes you buy something only later to get “buyer’s regret” but this has not been the case for me (except for paying for the hefty data plan that comes standard with any smart phone purchased here in the U.S.). Bonus features that I didn’t realize upon purchasing the phone but which I have discovered since getting it include finding out it had the fastest processing GPU of all phones being sold in the U.S., learning that its display is made from Corelle’s “gorilla glass”  which is nearly indestructible and scratch-proof and just this last week the Galaxy S became the first phone certified to run the new Wi-Fi Direct  which allows for higher speed device to device connectivity than normal Bluetooth.

What does this have to do with Consumer Reports. Well, in their upcoming magazine they have tested and ranked more than 40 smart phones and deemed the Samsung Galaxy S (in its T-Mobile “Vibrant” and AT&T “Captivate” brandings) to be the best smart phone being sold in the U.S. With the number of new phones that have come out in the last four months you’d think I’d be longing after a newer, latest greatest phone but that’s just not the case, the Samsung Galaxy S just rocks!!!

If you’re interested to learn more about the Consumer Reports Study you can click here if you have a Consumer Reports subscription or here if you’d like to read Fortune magazine’s reporting on Consumer Reports’ results. Video reporting on the new study can be found here.

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