Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%209Jesus’ final command to His disciples was to go and make disciples of all the peoples and yet today, some 2000 years later, nearly a third of all people groups (6000 out of 16000 distinct ethnic groups constituting over 2 billion individuals) are considered as unreached- having little to no access to Jesus’ good news- the gospel.  Although the gospel has yet to be made known and penetrate into the lives and societies of these two billion plus people Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nokia, etc. have all made great strides in getting their products and services into these peoples’ lives.  Soft drinks and hamburgers have a rather limited potential for bringing the gospel to the unreached but mobile phones offer an amazing number of possibilities for getting the gospel a hearing among the unreached. 

Just as God provided Roman roads for the spread of the gospel in Jesus’ day the mobile phone’s reach and ever increasing capabilities provide an amazing new avenue for the spread of the gospel message today.  The mobile phone has a greater per-capita penetration among the unreached peoples than any other media.  The mobile phone has a much higher ubiquity than any other media too- the mobile phone is with the unreached most of each waking day.  At the point where the lives of “World Christians” and the unreached converge it will be mobile phones that both will have with them with them, not radios, computers or TVs.  Although the mobile phone’s capabilities just a few years ago were limited to talking and texting today’s mobile phones, with high end CPUs, apps and internet connectivity, offer capabilities once only dreamed of in episodes of Star Trek.

We hope that this site will provide both encouragement and assistance to the Church, enabling it to take full advantage of the mobile phone revolution that has swept our planet in the last decade.  May God be glorified and His Kingdom come among all peoples!

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