As I didn't keep up with weekly updates on trending #mobmin Tweets in January I thought you might appreciate seeing some of the top posts this last month:


The prayer app: Seek God for the City 2015

Cultivate a Big-Picture View of Scripture: This App Makes It Easier



Mxit Reach- Connect, Empower, Transform

Google Classroom is now available for both iPad and Android

Bill Gates: digital learning will revolutionise education in global south



Mobile Ministry Training Course (begins Feb. 10)

Indigitous Bangalore (Feb. 13-15)

MMF Consultation 2015

BibleTech: 2015 (Apr. 30 – May 1)



2015 worldwide Internet, mobile and social media trends: get into 376 pages of data

20 questions for 2015

The Mobile Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Will LED Contact Lenses Make Google Glass Obsolete?

Making Change: Mobile Pay in Africa

The new $29 Nokia 215 is Microsoft's cheapest internet phone

The Rise of the Cheap Smartphone

Your Phone: How Often Do You REALLY Use It?

Where Cellular Networks Don’t Exist, People Are Building Their Own


Media- Audio/Video

How to Create Social Videos With Your Smartphone

What native video means for Twitter - and its users

Mobile Learning: Why Tech Savvy Educators Are Turning to Podcasts



Mobile Ministry Trends for 2015

Get your church on the phone

Doctor Behind ‘JesusDaily’ Facebook Page Uses Same Techniques as in the Medical Field to Engage People

Transformation and the Potential of Social Media

Why People Don’t Make Disciples


Mobile Web app gets east Africans online for free

Writing for mobile: Bite-size basics

Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet


Social Media & Messaging

Over a third of Facebook’s users only access it on a mobile device

WhatsApp sails past SMS, but where does messaging go next?

The WhatSIM Will Give You WhatsApp Access Anywhere in the World for Free

Facebook quietly launches a ‘Lite’ app for Android users in emerging markets

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