Some of the top items posted on Twitter with the #mobmin (mobile ministry) hashtag this past week:


Handset Market and Installed Base in 2014: The Total Handset Picture by Communities Dominate Blog

$30 smartphones are here—and they’re getting better every day 

Peering Into The Minds Of The 4.3 Billion Unconnected 

The Problem With the Plan to Give Internet Access to the Whole World

Global Language Visualizations

How Mobile Phone Data Reveals Food Consumption Patterns in Central Africa



The Next Steps App


Distant Shores app series – translationStudio

Spotlight English (Android, iOS)


Social Media/Messaging

A Tweet On Women's Veils, Followed By Raging Debate In Saudi Arabia

16 Instagram Statistics You Need to Know 

TextIt Open Sources Technology Platform as RapidPro


Audio/Visual Media

Google Just Gave Photographers A Big Reason To Choose Android Over iPhone



8 tools for greater digital security in 2015

Who Is Tracking Your Smart Phone?

Freedom on the Net 

Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky (on malicious apps)

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