In addition to presenting a keynote address on mobile ministry at the 2014 EMDC Conference myself and two others from the Mobile Ministry Forum steering team, Darcie Drymon and Brian James, were given the challenge of conducting a four day training on mobile media production and distribution as one of the pre-EMDC training tracks.

It was exciting to take sixteen students from varying media backgrounds and introduce them to the potential of mobile media and walk them through the production and distribution process. A number of media pieces were produced by the end of the four days and one student who had shared how he never felt able to develop story ideas prior to the training is now well on his way to developing and filming three scripts that he is writing.

Not wanting to leave the training only to those able to attend the course I have uploaded my training slide decks and share them below for any of you who would like to grow in your ability to produce and distribute media with/for mobile devices as well as for those of you who might be wanting to train others to do that.

1- Introduction

2- Mobile Ministry Overview

3- Mobile Media in Ministry Strategy

9- The Media Production Process and Video Story-Concept Development

10- Story Development Exercise and Everything You Need to Know About Shots

11- Mobile Video Recording & Interview/Talking Head Video Production

13- Apps for Mobile Media Production

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