I'm reaching out to Mobile Advance readers to help me with two questions whose answers will play a big part in seeing mobile ministry advance over the next two years.

First, we may have the opportunity to get the excellent Mobile Ministry Made Easy guide translated into three languages.  We need to know which languages to focus on and why. What are your thoughts about which languages we should get the Mobile Ministry Made Easy guide translated into? My initial thoughts would be French (for Francophone Africa), Korean (to equip the ever expanding Korean missionary population), and Hindi (both because there is a growing number of Indian believers seeking to reach the lost of India and because India has the highest number of unreached in the world) but I want to hear your ideas! 

Second, we realize that the mobile ministry opportunity has been heard of by precious few in the worldwide church.  Seeking to be financially responsible, we'd like to attend 3-4 major missions gatherings in the coming year where we could advocate, educate and equip attendees for mobile ministry.  Which missions gatherings should Mobile Ministry Forum leaders attend and share about mobile ministry at in 2014-15 and why?

Please click through and comment to help us know how we can steward our limited resources in a way that most fully propels mobile ministry forward for the glory of God among the least and the last unreached peoples of the world.
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    The Chinese Mission Convention, sponsored by Ambassadors for Christ, would definitely be worth your while. Their purpose is to help mobilize the Chinese church for involvement in the Great Commission. This year's will be in Baltimore, MD, Dec. 26-30. The website for this year's conference is www.cmc2013.org (If you get a web page in Chinese, don't panic, there's a tab for English on the upper right corner of the webpage.) The more recent conferences have been attended by nearly 3,000 missions-minded Christians. Although the vast majority of attendees are English-speakers, it'd be good to have at least one Chinese-speaking colleague on your team. They had a conference in San Diego in 2011, and announced plans for another west-coast conference in Dec. 2014, but I couldn't find anything about it online. AFC's website ( http://www.afcinc.org/en-us/home.aspx ) has their contact information.
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