Nook%20HD%20PlusBarnes & Noble is discontinuing their Nook HD+ tablet and they are selling off their remaining stock at $149 for the 9" screen/16 GB model ($269 previously). I'd highly recommend it at that phenomenal price. Here are some pros and cons:

+ IPS full HD high resolution screen with nearly as many pixels per inch as the latest iPad and an even better contrast. Reading your Bible and watching video on the Nook HD+ are a very good experience. 

+ Decently loud speakers (helpful over the roar of my window A/C unit)!

+ Good media sharing options with a microSD card slot and Bluetooth capabilities

+ Android 4.0+ OS

+ Ability to use the Google Play apps store and download apps from there (including Amazon Kindle).  You will need to let the tablet do two software updates first though. Check out top Android outreach app picks here.

+ The 9" screen size is my personal favorite for a tablet

+ Amazing price. Its competition are selling for $199 (7" Google Nexus 7), $270 (Kindle Fire HD 8.9") and $300 (iPad mini) respectively

- No HDMI connector so you can't connect it with a large screen TV, etc.

- Some people don't like the Barnes & Noble Nook user interface

- No cameras so no Skype or shooting pictures or videos

- The screen does a good job of picking up fingerprints (but they aren't apparent/distracting when watching videos)

You can check out and purchase the Nook HD+ from any Barnes and Noble store and they have a 14 day return policy. You can also find them online and possibly in stores at Best Buy, Walmart, etc. The cases for the Nook HD+ are pretty expensive at Barnes and Noble but you can find good quality ones for less than $10 at Amazon.

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