Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%204In a week's time more than eighty missionaries and ministry executives, representing some 50+ ministries, will gather at the Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters in Orlando, FL for the third annual Mobile Ministry Forum Consultation.  This will be an exciting time to learn from each other, be challenged by dynamic speakers, and seek ways that we can partner together to see the mobile revolution more fully leveraged for God's glory and kingdom.

As I prepare for this time I have been challenged by the following video


Here are secular agencies from various countries coming together as they see the potential of mobile to improve the health of people around the world.  They are willing to set aside some of their individual agendas for the sake of the greater good and for the sake of accomplishing more together than they could ever hope to individually.  What are the core goals that they are willing to contribute towards?

1)  Creating multi-lingual digital content.  

2)  Accelerating the scale-up of country level programs.

3)  Sharing evaluation results to enhance global learning 


I pray that we, too, as the body of Christ, might find ways to partner together around similar goals: 

1)  Creating multi-lingual digital Bible/ministry content that would be free, open (i.e. not copyrighted) and available to believers everywhere to take, modify as necessary, and apply towards the sharing of the Gospel and building of the Church among their people.

2)  Accelerating the implementation and spread of mobile ministry projects throughout the world via the sharing of expertise and resources and provision of training and mentoring.

3)  Developing helpful evaluation instruments to measure the success of mobile ministry initiatives, ensuring that mobile ministry projects are evaluated and making those evaluations available so that others can learn from both successes and failures.

What mobile ministry goals would you feel require partnering due to their magnitude and/or worthy of partnering together over due to their importance?

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