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How Much Battery Life Do Your Apps Zap? This Tool Will Check

Design & Innovation

A Beginner’s Guide to Wireframing



How to Successfully Gamify Your App



How The Micro-Everything Revolution Will Drive Social Change

How The Failed Aakash Tablet Is An Object Lesson In India's Long Road Ahead To Tech Innovation

It's the end of books as you knew them: E-books out-sell hardbound for the 1st time

HTML5 Resources for the Learning Community

MASLO: An Open Source Mobile Learning Platform

Radio’s Mobile Challenge

Mission possible: how mobile helps companies deliver strategic objectives

biNu in explosive growth

Create custom ringtones on an Android phone (screenshots)

Customize your Android's wallpaper (screenshots)


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Hacking for Health: Working with Technology to Improve Healthcare in Malawi

An E-Reader Revolution for Africa?

#mLearnCon 2012 Backchannel – Curated Resources

Mobile phones turned into life-saving tools

5 Reasons Mobile Is the Future of Sustainable Development

BJ Fogg #mLearnCon Keynote Mindmap

Designing & Developing mLearning using HTML5 Presentation Download #mLearnCon


Mobile Ministry

Do you really need that vibrating razor?

Becoming a Christian Engineer

The Urgent Need for an Open-Licensed Bible in English

Chad Williams: Mobile Strategy - Biola Digital Ministry Conference 2012

Do You Have An APP For That?


Mobile Web

Dolphin Browser’s new Dolphin Engine is the fastest HTML5 mobile browser out there!

Multi-Device Adaptation vs. Optimization

Create a More Effective Nonprofit Website: Part 1

Getting Responsive with WordPress

How To Tune-Up Responsive Design Websites To Improve Mobile SEO


SouthStreet: a workflow for Progressive Enhancement, presented at An Event Apart Boston


Operating Systems

Windows Phone 7 Users Can't Upgrade to WP8



Mobile Security Webinar Update & Resources Links

Keeping Your Private Photos/Videos Hidden on Android [Quicktip]

You for Sale: Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer Genome

How to Defend Yourself Against Facial Recognition Technology



The Next Web: “FrontlineSMS launches Version 2 with upgrades based on the advice of its users”


Social Media

What Facebook Knows



Mobile Monday Southeast Asia Research Report 2012



73 per cent of mobile video users quit after eight seconds buffering

Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Gets A UI Makeover (Video)

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