Jesus%20on%20cell%20phoneI’m happy to announce the publication of The Little Phone that Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry in the International Journal of Frontier Missiology. This is an article I co-wrote with Laith Gray, a translator and “new media” expert who has been active in equipping the Church to take the gospel to the least reached. This article covers:

  1. The last decade’s four mobile revolutions (revolutionary uptake, revolutionary increase in capability, revolutionary application to new fields, revolution in the mobile web)
  2. How the mobile phone revolutionized our own “on-the-ground” outreach to an unreached people group
  3. Mobile ministry opportunities that can propel the Gospel out among the unreached

I hope you enjoy the article and please join me in praying that it will help to produce a new movement of followers of Christ using the tool in their pocket to see the Gospel brought to the last and the least for the glory of God!

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