Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%203Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Getting Started With Corona: Building Your First Corona App

Android DDMS: Powerful Debugging Tool for Android App Testing

6 Essential Desktop Apps to Make Your Android Phone Device a Work or Play Powerhouse

Design & Innovation

How The Future of Mobile Lies in the Developing World

For a Future-Friendly Web: Mobilism 2012



Mobile Devices and Browsers Aren't Ready for HTML5

10-step mobile strategy for community publishers

Obama Administration Requiring Agencies To Provide Mobile Services

Wikipedia Zero expands into Asia, drops mobile data charges for 10m subscribers in Malaysia

How to Protect Your Artistic Works With a Creative Commons License

Rumor: Apple to sell the iPhone 3GS for $299 in emerging countries this year


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Mobile Phones Offer Indian Women a Better Life

eLearning Africa 2012 Report goes online!

Shaping The Future – Realising the potential of informal learning through mobile


Mobile Ministry

The Open Bible Stories Theory Works!

YouVersion mobile Bibles: interview with Bobby Gruenewald


Mobile Web

Creating Mobile-Optimized Websites Using WordPress

Anatomy of a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

Framework Fight: Zurb Foundation vs. Twitter Bootstrap

The Growing Epidemic of Page Bloat

Mobile: Separate mobile site vs. responsive design


Operating Systems

Symbian is Way More Popular Than You Probably Think (in China)

Homegrown smartphone OSes gaining favor in China


QR Codes/NFC

The correct way to implement QR codes

Cracking The Code



London Police Test Smartphone Data Dump Kits

IBM blocks Siri over privacy concerns

Clueful Scans The Apps On Your iPhone, Tells You Which Ones Are Doing Naughty Things With Your Data



Guides Explain Media and Telecom Landscapes around the World

8 facts about mobile life in Sub-Saharan Africa



Computers Top TV in Video Consumption Globally, Mobiles Up and Coming

When streaming mobile video, write once and run everywhere

Greg Schechter & Eugene Goldin | Bring Youtube to the Mobile Web | Mobilism 2012

My TEDx Talk about Augmented Reality AR being the 8th Mass Media Channel - Updated with Link to Video

Cell Phone Rig

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