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ME cross-platform month: The five key tools

Designing a Mobile App? Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes

jQuery Mobile Development Guide



Design & Innovation

The 10 principles of mobile interface design



Hands-on Introduction to Mobile Learning App/Game Creation for Non-Programmers



Learning From Leading Marketers & Markets To Map Mobile Strategy

12NTC: Open-Source Mobile Apps for Social Change

Why Mobile Ads in Emerging Markets are the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bing Translator App Gets Cool Augmented Reality Tool

How to prepare a PDF file for mobile use

The revolution to come


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Intel Releases Rugged Education Tablet for the Developing World


Mobile Ministry

[Guest Post] 5 Ways to Think on Mission with Mobile

Mobile Ministry Methodology (v1)

Reach Your Campus in 160 Characters

If Bluetooth Can Do This for Twist-Top Bags, Think What It Can Do for Gospel Media!

More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach

The Church and New Media


Mobile Web

How-to: Quickly Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

Dive into Responsive Prototyping with Foundation

Top tips for taking your blog mobile

Why Jakob Nielsen Is Wrong About Mobile Websites

How we build our Javascript

Building fast and responsive websites

An introduction to Modernizr for designers

Getting WordPress to play nice with responsive images


Operating System

Android secures two-thirds of China's smartphone market in 2011



Android gives 'no permissions' apps access to sensitive info



SMS, USSD and the mobile web: Zimbabwe is not that country (take with a grain of salt but a healthy/helpful reminder that mobile ministry can’t/shouldn’t be a one trick pony and that the mobiles in the hands of the unreached are growing more and more capable)

How to Build Your Mobile List: Add a “Call to Action” to Your Existing Media

“Making Our Own News” – Sharing Women’s Social Knowledge in Sri Lanka

KiKutext for Teachers to Communicate with Students and Parents

gText for Student and Teacher Communication...Text Alert Meets Edmodo


Social Media

Largest Mobile Social Networks Today by Size of User Base



Data Monday: WiFi Device Connections

Gartner Says Worldwide Media Tablets Sales to Reach 119 Million Units in 2012

90% of Bangladesh Internet use is through mobiles



Ok, Am Willing to Call It: AR is the 8th Mass Medium (Augmented Reality)

How-To #8: Preparing Videos for Viewing & Distribution on Mobile Phones

How to Publish Video to the Web 

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