Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%205Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

The Art Of Launching An App: A Case Study


Design & Innovation

Philippe Kahn: The Future of Mobile is Motion

Flexible Touchscreen Could Prompt Sleeker, Curvier Tablets, Smartphones




More than Apps: Mobile Tips from 12NTC

Turning dumbphones to smartphones

E-books for smart kids on ‘dumb’ phones

A Free, One Stop Solution for E-Book Conversion

Facebook open-sources mobile browser test suite Ringmark

Here Come Tablets. Here Come Problems

VBAT Report

Meshed Potatoes


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

100 Trends in Nonprofit Technology

Transforming Learning Through mEducation

Project Tin Can: The Next Generation of SCORM (the third/final video is the best, the Tin Can API can be found at


Mobile Ministry

[Guest Post] Discoverabiltiy (Or, Why You Just Can’t Do An App)

Mobile Ministry Event Calendar

How-To #7: Obtaining Video for Mobile Ministry

9 Reasons for Not Using Smartphones in Ministry Among the Unreached

Review: MeeBible


Mobile Web

“The Mobile Omnivore”: A Webcast on O’Reilly (webcast recording link in comments section, great list of resources for mobile web development, slides can be found here)

GoMo and DudaMobile offer do-it-yourself mobile site builder

GoMo: Missed the live webinars? Watch the recorded videos and download the slides today

Building Mobile Websites using the Mobify JS Platform

Mobile Navigation Design & Tutorial

3 Free Apps for Testing Your Responsive Designs Online

Essential Responsive Web Design Testing Tools

Is One Blackberry Enough?


Operating Systems

Half of US iPhones are repeat purchases (what does that say about the real total # of users of iPhone?)



What Our Phones Can Reveal About Us

Top 10 Security Tools for Your Smartphone



Disrupting SMS Apps Space: Telerivet’s Distributed Mobile SMS service using Android Phones

How to Handle SMS in Android Development


Social Media

"If Facebook Were Built Today, It Would Be a Mobile App"

Get Facebook on ANY Mobile Phone via USSD



Mobile Africa 2012

Google makes Africa internet usage research results available

Data Monday: E-reading E-books

Communication Technologies: Five Myths and Five Lessons from History



Making the most out of mobile video in internal communications

How to Shoot a Film With an iPhone!(warning, although it is excellent material on how to film with an iPhone, the language and subject matter are somewhat objectionable) 

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