Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%205Do the people you are seeking to reach drive Porsches sports cars or Lexus SUVs?  Is it Hyundai compacts?  Perhaps they don't actually drive but rather walk, bike or have to take public transport?

Why do I ask?  I ask because I think that all of too often we're trying to push Porsche type mobile ministries onto people who can only afford/access public transport system mobile ministries.  An iPhone app is less than useless to someone living in the developing world who can only afford public transport  and carries a talk/text only dumbphone.  Better by far that the money and time that went into developing that iPhone app had been spent on a more appropriate technology! 

How does this breakdown look if you work in the developing world and wonder what technologies would be appropriate for your people:

 Mobile Phone To Car Illustration 

No doubt there are exceptions to this but I hope it may prove at least a somewhat helpful tool to help you as you sort through all the mobile ministry possibilities that are available. 

Some may say "This will all change in five year's time."  That may well be but I will stick to my guns that Apple will always seek to provide a luxury/aspirational product that says "I am upper class" and which will be priced out of the reach of the huge majority of the unreached peoples the Gospel has yet to touch!  If you go smartphone go Android which has 68% of the worldwide smartphone sales currently and is reaching lower and lower price points ($80 is the lowest real figure I've seen for a functional Android smartphone in the developing world, and that is limited to two countries in Africa). 

Don't be afraid to really consider feature phone and even dumbphone-based ministries.  Texting is still the most used electronic communications medium on the planet.  USSD can deliver web materials to even the dumbest of phones.  Feature phones can access mobile optimized websites, have media players and Bluetooth video transfer capabilities, and can run more and more apps (Series 40, Java- see PhonePublish)!

PS, Ken Banks, the founder of FrontlineSMS, just posted a brilliant article on the importance of appropriate technology that I highly recommend.

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