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What you can learn from the FT Web app: interview with Steve Pinches

Make An iPhone, Android App Without Knowing A Line Of Code

From ADL Team Member… Jason Haag: Mobile App Development and Distribution Options

What is Dart?

Optimizing [Windows Phone 7] Apps for Lower Cost Devices


Design & Innovation

Shrink To Fit:Designing ScalableUser Interfaces

Vector Images for Mobile



Mobile, Talks: Stop obsessing over native mobile apps

Teleuse@BOP Profile: Poonam Devi


State of the News Media 2012

African Mobile phones get surprisingly smarter

The Hype Versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

Seeing the Big Picture on HTML5

Creating responsive HTML5 touch interfaces

Development Tips: Writing Your First JavaScript Application

How to Stay Below Your Data Cap on Android


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

How the developing world is using cellphone technology to change lives

The State of Rapid Development Tools for Mobile Learning

Mobile Ministry

Seven ways to keep your online ministry soaring

John Dyer and Digital Bible Society Introduce Bible Browser

Using Facebook in ministry

The Texture of Screens Amidst Communities of Faith: 3 Outstanding Issues with Smartphones in Church

Research Publishing Tracking Evolution of (Digital) Tech within Faith Communities


Mobile Web

Responsive Web Design: Missing the Point

Mobile First

Eight Tips to Make Your First Mobile Design a Success (focused more on mobilizing existing sites than creating new mobile sites)

Easily create multilingual sites with WordPress

A Comprehensive Introduction to LESS

Test Live Websites on Multiple Mobile Devices

Responsive Content Navigator with CSS3

50 Useful Responsive Design Tutorials and Tools

Gridpak: The Responsive Grid Generator

Content Parity

Sharing pattern libraries



Enjoy Secure Browsing With Orbot and the Tor Project

Just how smart is your smartphone security strategy?

Social Media

Thumb is so hot, it’s twice as addictive as Pinterest (exclusive)



Core indicators on access to, and use of, ICT by households and individuals, latest available data (downloadable country-by-country spreadsheet)

What do we know about the teleuse of those “not like us”? (i.e., the poor of S.E. Asia)

Android leads Asian smartphone invasion

By the Numbers: Indonesia’s Mobile and Internet Potential



Mobile Video Tips and Techniques

TSDigs: The Collected Digital Storytelling Resources

The Basics of Adaptive Streaming

9 Quirky Augmented Reality Apps For Your Smartphone

How to Build Your Own HTML5 Video Player

Zeega: Algorithm Isn't Just Another Word for Automation

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