Mobile%20Pic %20EAsia%201Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

[Poll] What Company Provides the Best HTML5 Framework and Toolset? (very nice listing of HTML5 frameworks)

Sencha updates framework for building native-looking mobile Web apps

AppMobi Releases First Public Version of jqMobi HTML5 Framework

Beginning Android

Beginning Android: Install an Android Platform


Design & Innovation

3 Ways to Get to the Right Idea (great overview of design thinking and strategy, 11 minute video)

Designing for “Context” Is Tricky Business

50 Free Web And Mobile UI Element Kits, Wireframe Kits And PSD Files



Mobile Games Account for 52% of App Sessions so far in 2012

HTML5 Game Performance: iOS Performs 3x Faster Than Android; iPad 2 Top Device



Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language

mLearning Research Focus:  New Features of HTML5 for Future Offline mLearning


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Doctors use simple texts to deliver better healthcare in developing world (you MUST watch from 1:33 to 2:06 to see a potentially game-changing innovation)

UNDP Mobile Technologies Primer: A Review

M-learning adoption: A perspective from a developing country

Mobile Web

The Best Browser is the One You Have with You

Adobe Shadow Simplifies Mobile Web Testing

First thing you should do to optimize your desktop site for mobile

19 Things You Can Do to Make Your Site Faster for Mobile Users [WHITEPAPER]

Building a Responsive Layout With Skeleton: Starting Out

Learning From the BBC in Doing the Mobile Web:

          Cutting the mustard


Learning from Notre Dame in Doing the Mobile Web

          Delivering An Amazing Site on Every Device: Notre Dame Edition

20 Useful jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design

Thoughts on web design prototyping from Zurb

          Quick and Dirty Design Critiques with In-Browser Prototyping

          In-Browser Prototyping ... Or How We Rapidly Rebooted ZURBword

Create a Responsive Web Design with Media Queries

Multi-Device Layout Patterns

Use Gridpak to Roll Your Own Responsive Grid


Text Messaging Risks and Security Tactics

Five Tips for Safeguarding Your Personal Data On Your Mobile Device

How to Encrypt Data and Passwords on Your Smartphone



New Resource: Step-by-Step Guide on Using FrontlineSMS with Ushahidi

5 Must Haves for Advertising Your SMS Campaign

SMS Builds the Radio Star

4 Android apps to Send FREE SMS across India

Social Media

Staying Present on Social Media

Data Monday: Email's Eroding Influence (and how it’s being done more and more on mobile)



StatCounter: Mobile Internet usage is doubling every year

"Doing the Internet": How Young People in India's Slums are Using the Internet on their Mobile Phones

38% of China’s Internet population are mobile-only users, says report

What Asia’s Changing Digital Consumer Means for Marketers and Advertising



SXSW Report: Don’t Aim for Viral Video Success

MoJo [Mobile Journalism] Kits: Best, Cheapest and In-Between

The truth about mobile reporting for event coverage

Augmented Reality: What's it for?

7 Things You Should Know About Projecting from Mobile Devices  

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