Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%202Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Before You Begin: What to Know about mLearning (poorly titled- what it is, though, is a good compare and contrast look at native versus web apps and how to choose which one to go with)

Get the 10th Edition of the Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy NOW!

[New report] Cross-Platform Developer Tools 2012

Build Your First Windows Phone 7 App

Vocre mobile app aims to simplify language translation (video)



Ludei’s CocoonJS enables blazing-fast HTML5 mobile games (exclusive)



Check out Eric Schmidt’s must-see Mobile World Congress keynote

How our mobiles became Frankenstein's monster (a good look at the dark underside of the mobile revolution)

Some Cases of Mobile Advertising Excellence from Around the World

Video of My Keynote at Google Think Mobile event in Kuala Lumpur about Mobile Advertising (Tomi Ahonen, Forbes’ “#1 Influencer in Mobile”, hitting his stride with mobile stats, innovations, and futures)

Interactive Voice applications gaining Momentum in the Region (voice- the one technology with the ability to reach all phones and all peoples- literate or oral)

The global smartphone tipping point: '$100 or less' (only read if you promise to read the final, perhaps most important, section)

The power of Bluetooth 4.0: It'll change your life


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Do mHealth Tools Really Work?  Testing the Impact of Mobile Technology on Maternal and Child Health

An Augmented Reality Game Aimed At Making You More Saintly


Mobile Ministry

[Video] Chris While Ministries Talks Mobile Ministry

Don’t Forget the Non-Smartphone Folks


Mobile Web

Which One: Responsive Design, Device Experiences, or RESS? (nice overview of alternatives for developing websites that play nice with mobiles)

GoMo: New tools to help online publishers Go Mobile

Responsive Summit

15 Detailed Responsive Web Design Tutorials

Users Expect Websites to Load in the Blink of an Eye

Keeping Your CSS3 Code Markup Slim

UX Testing and Cultural Preferences : Are you designing webpages with culture in mind?


Operating Systems

Mobile World Congress, Boot to Gecko and the unknown beast called HTML5 (the 'Boot to Gecko' operating system has since been renamed 'Firefox')



Secure My Video Guide

Remote access tools a growing threat to smartphones


SMS/Texting & USSD

New Resource: Using SMS as an Effective Behavior Change Campaigning Tool

Global USSD: The Most Efficient Way To Start A Mobile Service In Africa


The State of the Union blog for Mobile Industry - all the stats and facts for 2012

Latest Annual Edition of TomiAhonen Almanac 2012 is now released. Lets share some data from it

Portraits: A Glimpse into the Lives of Base of the Pyramid Women

Q4 2011 mobile browser stats for 12 countries ½



Mobile, Smartphone Videos That Doesn’t Suck: Video How-to, How it Helps

How to Produce for Adaptive Streaming

Augmented Reality by Qualcomm that Will Absolutely Blow your Mind

Adobe Announces Project Primetime Video Platform: Highlights Available Now for iPad (this is the system the BBC is using to stream the Olympics this Summer!)

Qualcomm shows horsepower of next-gen H.265 video

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