Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%203This has been an insane couple of weeks reviewing almost all postings from March 1st until now at the top 250 mobile-related websites identified through Mobile Advance's previous research.  Add on reviewing all Twitter postings using the #mobmin mobile ministry hashtag, Textually updates and ADL Mobile Learning Newsletters over the same period of time and the end result is an additional 2100+ resources on top of the 3400 resources previously catalogued in the mobile ministry database.  In the coming weeks these resources will be further tagged and analyzed to:



1)  Create a comprehensive listing of mobile ministry related tools to give those of you seeking to develop a mobile ministry outreach a full listing of the options available to you. 

2)  Generate listings of top sites to visit sorted by mobile ministry sub-topic (web, texting, security, statistics, etc.)

3)  Give you week-by-week insights on top mobile ministry reads you should check out through a continuation of the Weekly Web Watch Updates series.


In the meantime, here's a listing of the top 50 websites related to mobile ministry in order of highest to least number of resources identified (lots of changes/additions since the last listing):

1- Mashable

2- Tech Crunch

3- Mobile Ministry Magazine (***Christian Life/Ministry Centered***)

4- Into Mobile

5- The Next Web

6- Read Write Web

7- LukeW

8- Mobile Active

9 (tie)- Mobile Entertainment

9 (tie)- GigaOM

11- Mobile Advance (***Christian Life/Ministry Centered***)

12- Venture Beat

13- Net Magazine

14 (tie)- Fast Company

14 (tie)- ChurchMag (***Christian Life/Ministry Centered***)

14 (tie)- ZDNet

17- Communities Dominate Brands

18- Mobile Media Toolkit

19- Nielsen

20- Engadget

21 (tie)- Smashing Magazine

21 (tie)- Business Insider

23- Safer Mobile

24 (tie)- Float Learning

24 (tie)- Wired

24 (tie)- Technology Review

27 MobiThinking

28 (tie)- Web Monkey

28 (tie)- The Guardian- Technology

30- Mobile Commerce Daily

31- LifeHacker

32- Nokia Conversations

33 (tie)- Build Mobile

33 (tie)- Brad Frost Web

35 (tie)- PC World

35 (tie)- Forbes

35 (tie)- Mobile Marketer

38 (tie)- Tech in Asia

38 (tie)- O'Reilly Radar

38 (tie)- Mobile Marketing Magazine

38 (tie)- MemeBurn

42 (tie)- CNET News

42 (tie)- ARS Technica

44 (tie)- Upside Learning

44 (tie)- Internet Evangelism Day/Digital Evangelism Issues Blog (***Christian Life/Ministry Centered***)

44 (tie)- Info World

47 (tie)- Brian Barella (***Christian Life/Ministry Centered***)

47 (tie)- SitePoint

47 (tie)- Learning Solutions Magazine

47 (tie)- 1st Web Designer

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