Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%201Not having come into Mobile Advance from a media background I've had to do a lot of learning on-the-fly.  In the process I've gathered a database of about 2300 resources that cover most everything there is to know on the subject of video production. 

As a forewarning, most of these resources come from secular websites and there is some moderately objectionable content in some of the resources (for instance, FilmRiot has an excellent video on how to produce video using an iPhone but the content they make and showcase with the iPhone is a somewhat disturbing horror film). 

One other pointer, while these resources may help you in making right decisions and avoiding mistakes the most helpful thing you can do is to get out and start making and editing video- that is your fastest track to growing and improving. 

Here are links to the resources broken down into various subject areas (the databases are Google Docs which can be downloaded):

Resources related to mobile phone video/mobile phone video production

139 items

Video Production Stage 1:  Pre-production

Includes resources on story, scriptwriting, screenplays, storyboarding, finances, scheduling, etc.

190 items


Video Production Stage 2:  Production

Includes resources on filming techniques, lighting, audio production, special effects, etc.

589 items


Video Production Stage 3:  Post-production

Includes resources on editing, color correction/grading, video encoding and compression, distribution, etc.

427 items


Video Production- General/Other

DSLR video production, doing interviews, low budget video production, workflow, etc.

346 items


Video Types and Their Production

Documentary, Educational, Promotional/Advocacy, Timelapse, Slideshow-based, etc.

161 items

Video Production Equipment

444 resources

Motion Graphics Video Production

Kinetic typography, animation, etc.

130 resources


28 resources

The top forty video production content providers, in order of most to least number of resources provided, are as follows:

1)  Brighthub

2)  Creative Cow

3)  Video Maker Magazine

4)  ReelSEO

5)  Vimeo Video School

6)  Richard Harrington Blog

7)  Online Video

8)  ***Removed due to content issues***

9)  CheesyCam

10)  No Film School

11)  Olivia Tech

12)  Micro Filmmaker Magazine

13)  The Frugal Filmmaker

14)  Stillmotion

15)  AETuts+

16)  DSLR Film Noob

17)  FilmRiot

18)  DIY Photography

19)  The Digital Naturalist

20)  DSLR Video Shooter

21)  The Black and Blue

22)  Next Wave DV

23)  Knoptop

24)  Tribeca Film Institute

25)  Fast Cheap Movie Thoughts

26)  Echo Hub  (***CHRISTIAN***)

27)  HurlBlog

28)  Learning DSLR Video

29)  DV

30)  The Slanted Lens

31)  Rain Dance

32)  2 Reel Guys

33)  Scott Spears/Framelines TV

34)  Visual Story Network  (***CHRISTIAN*** excellent not only for good content but also for community and communications with other outreach-minded video producers!)

35)  Filmmaker Magazine

36)  Witness

37)  Video2Brain

38)  IndyMogul

39)  Philip Bloom

40)  3 Exposure

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