Mobile Pic  Africa 1Join Jabulani Chirinda, writer for the Zimbabwean tech blog TechZim, as he returns to his birthplace, a six hour drive from the capital.  Along the journey you'll find how the internet revolution is proceeding foot by foot and hear how villagers see their lives being impacted by mobile technology.  Here's a snippet:

Mobile was a hot issue, which was not really a surprise as everyone could relate to cell phones. Out of a group of 8 or so only two elderly man did not possess mobile phones. They both admitted regularly using those of their relatives or friends whenever the need arose.

I had a chance to see the “hot” mobile phones in Wedza in all their shapes and sizes. The Chinese made models topped the list perhaps because of their key features – dual sim support, high audio output, multimedia support (ability to play a range of audio file formats, record audio/video clips and snap JPEG photos with reasonable resolution).

You can read more at My journey to Wedza. An experience with technology in rural Zimbabwe 

As you read, think about your approach to mobile ministry?  Are you implementing a "no phone left behind" outreach that people in this kind of situation can access and be blessed through?  Will your approach work in Wedza?  If not, maybe it's time to rethink and find one that will! 

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