Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%201The "Weekly Web Watch" series was last updated on June 22, 2011.  The reason I stopped updating the series was that I was finding it too difficult to both research and report on the latest greatest of what was being written that related to mobile ministry as well as fulfill other mobile ministry objectives of Mobile Advance.

PTL, in the last three weeks, in preparation for developing a new series of how-to's, I've caught up on identifying the important pieces that have been written on the subject on the 70 or so top websites related to mobile/mobile ministry in the last six months.  In doing that, Mobile Advance's total database of articles has now jumped from the 1200 identified in June to over 2000 today.

Over the next several weeks I will give you my picks for the most important reads from the end of June and the months of July, August, September and December (each week's update covering one month).  This first installment is from articles published at the end of June, 2011:


Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Storytelling Applications for Your Smartphone

Prototyping with Virtually No Budget and No Tech Skills


Seven Tools for Developing Your Own Mobile Apps

Designing for Android

Android App Publication: A Checklist of Pre-Publication Considerations  


Mobile Ministry

Should Our Church Have a Mobile Website?


Mobile Web

Google Launches Free Mobile Website Builder

Developing a Progressive Mobile Strategy

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development Boilerplate

How To: 3 Solid, Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Layouts

Following a Web Design Process


6 SMS Best Practice Tips for Brands and Retailers 



Create, Share, and Play Video in Android

Delivering Video via HTML5 and Flash to reach all platforms with one video codec - how to make it work today #mlearncon

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