Jesus%20on%20cell%20phoneI had the opportunity to present on visual story and mobile media at the 2011 International Orality Network (ION) Conference in Asheville, NC this past week and wanted to pass on what I presented there to the Mobile Advance community. 

This presentation shares a little of my personal experience with sharing Gospel visual story via mobile media, the rationale for why the missions world needs to move into greater use of visual story and mobile media NOW, and a bunch of pointers on how anyone can get started in using visual story and mobile media quickly, simply and cheaply.

While you can check out the slide deck below I recommend clicking on "view on slideshare" on the bottom left of the toolbar beneath it, and then clicking on "Download" on the toolbar above the presentation once you are at SlideShare.  This will allow you to have the presentation on your computer and you will also be able to see the extensive notes I've added to many of the slides when you choose to view it in "Notes Page" under "View" in PowerPoint. 


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