Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%203I would say 30-40% of my time in this past year has been given to research on mobile ministry. Why so much time spent researching rather than creating?  Well, it’s a sad fact but WAY too much time and effort goes into “reinventing wheels” that already exist and I am trying to make sure this isn't the case when it comes to mobile ministry- whether for myself or any others pursuing it.

In order to try and help to prevent that I have collected the resources identified in my research in the past year put together a “database” of 1400 articles/webpages/ videos/guides/etc. that I or others have identified as being pertinent and helpful for mobile ministry. These resources come from fields like information technology, international development, social/political activism, health, journalism, entertainment media and others that are working to confront the shift and harness the power of the mobile revolution. Their learning can help empower our innovation in mobile ministry and prevent the loss of countless hours trying to come up with solutions for problems that have already been addressed elsewhere.

In addition to providing weblinks to those resources I have tagged each resource across 50 different areas of subject-matter which will allow you to sort the resources so you can find the ones you most need.

This database is currently posted as a Google Doc here but will shortly be made available in an even more accessible (and expandable) form at the Mobile Ministry Forum website.
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